Monthly Archives: May 2010

French manicure with blue bows

Rival de Loop - Touch Of Pink and a ring

Can you believe, that I’m wearing a french manicure today? I don’t know what hit me, but it did. I wanted to experiment a bit. I started with one coat of Essence – Pro White base coat, which is tinted a bit purple and that’s why your nails look a bit whiter when painted with this base coat. I use ...

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Catrice – Caught On The Red Carpet swatch

Catrice: Caught On The Red Carpet swatch

Ahh – what a beauty. It’s been a while since I had red polish on my tips, so I’m currently in 7th heaven. Catrice Caught On The Red Carpet is one of the prettiest creme red polishes in my collection. Since this cutie belongs to chameleon family when it comes to changing undertones and lightness, so I’ll just stick with ...

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When wish list comes true

H&M, P2, Esprit, nail polish

I’m probably not the only one that keeps her cosmetics WL by the computer.  So when somebody close to you goes on business trip, you have to make your dreams come true. Right? Thank you Bauma fair in Munich  you’re responsible I got a lot of  H&M and P2 polishes. Making a WL was huge project not to mention finding ...

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Deborah KOTD and green EOTD

Swatch: Deborah Sense Tech 100% Mat 04 + Shine Tech - 35 with Konad IP m64 + make up

Here’s the konadicure made with two Deborah polishes … I don’t like the combinations of these colors very much.  What do you think? But I’m quite satisfied with the make up I made … Nothing special. Just two Sweetscents mineral eyeshadows, a highlighter, metallic eyeliner and a mascara. That’s all … Here’s what I used: Sweetscents – Passion and Carbon ...

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Joy – 246 + EOTD

EOTD: The She Space: Baited Breathe, Fire and Brimstone, Moral Enemy, Rock and Roll, Dimwitted; Sweetscents: Satin Slipper

Joy – 246 is a lime green frosty shade, which I though I wouldn’t like as much as I did as I put it on my nails. I like it mainly because it glows so nicely. Otherwise it has all the features that I don’t like about a nail polish. It’s quite sheer and it’s frosty. But the shade is ...

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