Haul: Nail polishes from America

I just realised that I haven’t shown you which nail polishes I bought in America. Here’s a group photo of them …

USA 2011: Nail polish haul

USA 2011: Nail polish haul

I bought a lot of nail polishes. Mostly the ones I can’t buy here. Almost all of them are drugstore brands, which means they were pretty cheap. Though I realised that even in the States the polishes aren’t as cheap as they were two years ago. Nevertheless they are still way cheaper than here (Slovenia, Europe). I remember I went nuts two years ago and bought even more polishes than this time. I have bought almost everything that looked like a nail polish back then. And you know what? I bought a lot of polishes I wasn’t crazy about. I bought them mainly because they were cheap and I just wanted them all. This time I was more careful and bought strictly the ones that were different and interesting. In other words, I only bought polishes I thought were interesting enough to buy. I’m very happy with the selection.

What do you think? Which one looks the most appealing to you in the photo above?

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  1. Milani laki izgledajo mamljivo :yes: :nails:

  2. Oooo, I see many greens and blues! :thumb:

  3. Modri REVLON zgoraj mi je takoj v oči padel :), drugače pa: dobro da te niso kje na carini obdržali :biggrin:

  4. I swear my WHOLE nail polish stash looks like this :O I can’t even think about yours… Pics? :D
    Emma’s last post …Wishlist -My Profile

  5. I love that you got so many Milanis!! I think that they’re easily one of the best US drugstore brands for nail polish, so I can’t wait to see them on you!

  6. Gooorgeous it makes me drool! :w00t: I especially like all the blues, I can’t wait to see your swatches! :pic:

  7. A jst *slučajno* voham tamle Army Jacket od AA?! :drop: Tega tega tega!! Na tvojih nohtih bo perfekten! Sicer pa me čisto iskreno najbolj zanima tisti Brucci, ker imam to znamko čedalje raje, ta odtenek pa mi sploh ni znan. Super nakup, večina je videti fantasično in zelo zanimivo!

    Poznam ta občutek, ko kupuješ zgolj zato, da lahko kupuješ … in potem gledaš doma v nakupljeno in si misliš, da bi polovico zlahka pustila v trgovini … je bolje s trezno glavo it v shopping. Jaz se kar bojim, da bi se v USA čisto “s ketne spustila”. :w00t: Ulmiel’s last post …Essence – Love- Peace &amp PurpleMy Profile

    • Odličen nos imaš. :yes: :biggrin: Tisto je dejansko Army Jacket od AA in ravnokar ga swatcham. Ne vem, zakaj sem mislila, da bo na nohtih temnejši. :undecided: Prav prijetno me je presenetil, ker je na nohtih tako perfekten. Ravno prav svetel/temen. ČU-DO-VIT! :drop:
      Aham, v USA lahko človek kar malo znori ob vse tistih “dobrotah” na policah in še po sprejemljivih cenah. :hmm:
      Maestra’s last post …Haul- Nail polishes from AmericaMy Profile

  8. Wow, so many pretty polishes!

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