Catrice Alluring Night + Inglot 204 + Essence We Will Rock You

This is one of my recent nail polish layering attempts.

I used Catrice Alluring Night as a base and as I was in a mood for flakies I reached for Inglot 204 nail polish. I wasn’t really satisfied with this flakie – it’s to flat for my taste. It seems to have slightly purple duochrome effect but I wasn’t impressed by it.

Inglot 204 nail polish bottle

Inglot 204 nail polish

To soften the flakies effect I added one layer of Essence We Will Rock You top coat.

Catrice Alluring Night + Inglot 204 + Essence We Will Rock You

Catrice Alluring Night + Inglot 204 + Essence We Will Rock You (layering)

I was still not crazy about this manicure. It just lacks something. :sigh:

What would you change about it?

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  1. I think it’s lovely. Perhaps, you should paint a coat of 203 over it to add a green tinge of flakies. Should make it pop more.

  2. Vaaaau, ej ful je lepo tole! :w00t:
    (čeprav je mal preveč modro, hehe)

  3. I absolutely love it! The blurry effect is amazing! It looks like clouds in a winter night sky!
    Where can I buy the Inglot flakies? I want to buy it ASAP :wub:

  4. I think this mani is very lovely! :yes:

  5. maybe it’s a little too blue, but it’s still very pretty :)

  6. Ljubim modro in tale manikura je pravi srček :wub:
    :thumb: , Gejba!

  7. ja bome ne bi nista mijenjala, presavrseno mi izgleda :stars:

  8. I wouldn’t change a thing, I love it!

  9. Nadvse čudovita modra pride <3 Res perfektna! :wub:

  10. Meni je pa prekrasna! :love: Deluje mi skoraj kozmično …

  11. Kako presrečna bi bila jaz, če bi imela takšen talent in smisel za layering. :stars:

  12. Gejba, tale kombinacija je perfektna. Noro noro lepo. Čisto se strinjam z eno od komentatork,nekaj najboljšega, kar sem videla v zadnjem času.

  13. Tale kombinacija te ne prepriča? :undecided:
    Meni je tole nekaj najboljšega, kar sem videla v zadnjem času, sem čisto zaljubljena :wub:
    Če ti ni všeč pa meni pošlji, lakce in nohte :yes:

  14. It’s certainly beautiful, but somehow too blue. How about adding some flakes like i.e. Nubar 2010?

  15. omg that flakie is gorgeous :D

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