Catrice Lumination swatches (blush, bronzer, highlighter)

Catrice Lumination collection

Catrice Lumination limited edition is all about shimmer and shine. As those are not my favourite finishes, I just glanced at it, but it does house few very nice products. Future Reflection. This summer, pastel...
Catrice Nomadic Traces haul

Catrice Nomadic Traces swatches

Catrice Nomadic Traces was one of the most awaited limited editions from the brand. Granted - I'm talking from my perspective, but how can you not love LE with matt (and not orange!) bronzer,...
Catrice VISIONairy nail polishes

Catrice VISIONairy manicure

Catrice VISIONairy LE has been out for a while now in Slovenia. I bought 2 nail polishes and they began their downtime on my "untried shelf". I'm not sure when would have I tried...
Catrice Nude Illusion liquid foundation bottles pump

Catrice Nude Illusion liquid foundation (010, 020, 030)

One of my favorite products from Catrice fall 2014 products was their Nude Illusion liquid foundation. This is not really universal foundation as it is still mattifying, but I like it because it still...
Catrice It Pieces haul

Catrice It Pieces LE (fall/winter 2014 assortment)

OMG - I almost fainted when I swatched Catrice It Pieces (all products will be part of fall/winter 2014 assortment) eyeshadows in the store. Soft, buttery (velvet) matte eyeshadows in very usable colors. Whats...
Catrice Black To The Routes - Mermaiday Mayday (Le Grand Bleu LE) bottle nail polish

Catrice Mermaiday Mayday (Le Grand Bleu) over black nail polish

Did you ever wonder who in world wears black nail polish in the summer time? Here I am. :biggrin: This time I'm guilty of choosing classical black base to go under glitter nail polish....
Gosh Girls On Film Catrice Oyster Champagne bottles

Oyster & Champagne or Girls On Film?

It's been a while now since I asked on Instagramu which of the two nail polishes should I wear. Everywhere I asked I got different answer, so I combined the two. I applied Catrice Oyster...
Catrice Le Grand Bleu

Catrice Le Grand Bleu limited edition swatches

I just blogged about Catrice Le Grand Bleu preview and few days later stumbled upon whole stand. I was modest and bought only 3 products. It would have been 4 if I remembered I...

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