Halloween manicure - D. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Gejba

Halloween manicure: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

My this years Halloween manicure is called Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. :cute: Meet Dr. Jekyll ... he may have a little bit darker taste, but he's still got his "normal" personality. :silly: But when Dr....
American Apparel - Mouse with Chez-Delaney IP A20

KOTD: American Apparel – Mouse with IP A20

I started with two coats of American Apparel - Mouse, a great taupe creme. My vision for a nail art was a black stamping and some none symmetric pattern. It has crossed my mind...

Review and swatches: Essence – Denim Wanted! TE polishes

Essence Denim Wanted! polishes are finally mine.  :happy: And since the luck would have it, I found almost intact stand ... and bought all five polishes. :devil: I've been anxious to get my hand on blue...
H&M - Grey Sky + China Glaze Sci-Fi + Fauxnad A05 konadicure

H&M – Grey Sky

Slovenian H&Ms got mini individual polishes. I bought 2: Grey Sky and Blue Sky. :happy: Grey Sky was first one I tried out ... and fell in love. What's not to love in a gray...
Make up: Rockin' Egyptian look by Maestra

Rockin’ Egyptian Look

Today I have a fun look to share with you. I named it Rockin' Egyptian look. The name was inspired by one of the eyeshadows I used and because there is a lot of gold and black involved in this look. Danes imam zabaven "look" za vas. Poimenovala sem ga Rockin' Egyptian look. Navdih za ime se skriva v črni in zlati ter imenu enega od senčil, ki sem ga uporabila za look.
American Apparel Hunter + Essence Sunny Side Up + Fauxnad A05 swatch

Essence Sun Delicious TE polishes and stamping

Vsi laki iz Essence Sun Delicious TE so uporabni za konadiranje. Nekateri bolj, drugi manj.
Konadicure: American Apparel - Manila + IP T28 with Konad black special polish

Manila smiling :)

The American Apparel - Manila is such a sunny and happy shade and it reminds me of a person who makes me happy! So the only logical thing to do, was to do a...
Konadicure: Jessica - Viva La Lime Light + IP A05 with China Glaze - Adore and fimo flower

A day to remember and a KOTD: Jessica – Viva La Lime Lights with...

I've had a great time today! It was one of those days ... when everything turns out great. The weather was fantastic. Sunny and hot. I spent some great time with my brother and...

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