My Illamasqua nail polishes (quick overview with swatches and video)

Since there's a nice summer sale on Illamasqua's web page, I thought I'd do a quick overview over the Illamasqua's products that I own. I don't have a lot of them, since they are...
KOTD: Illamasqua - Raindrops + Fauxnad D with Konad special polish in White Pearl and Black Pearl

KOTD: Thunderstorms

Hi. I'm back and this is what was on my nails over the weekend while I was in Prague. I just realised that Raindrops polish looks bluish in the photo above. Well,...
Comparison: Illamasqua Sangers vs. Revlon Matte Really Red packaging

Comparison: Illamasqua Sangers vs. Revlon Matte Really Red

I borrowed few of Maestra's beauty products to serve as "models" for Gallery images. Among them was Illamasqua Sangers lipstick. As I just recently bought Revlon Matte Really Red I guess...
OOTD: Friday Night Outfit by Maestra

OOTD: Friday Night Outfit

You know what? I'm really not a party animal. Those days are long gone. In this department I'm very boring. I prefer to stay at home and snuggle with my boyfriend on our comfortable...
Sadistic Deamon make-up by Maestra (Illamasqua - Sadist, Daemon)

Artistic make-up: Sadistic Daemon

I wanted to play with bright and crazy colors today. The only good quality bright colored eyeshadows in my make-up collection are by Illamasqua and Inglot. And I only own two powder eyeshadows by...
Beauty UK eye shadow collection (eyeshadow palettes)

Swatches and review: Beauty UK eyeshadow palettes

Today I'd like to present you all six of the Beauty UK palettes. First I'd like to tell you that at first I was really sceptical about them. I know almost everyone is raving...

Skin Sketching Technique by Illamasqua

There goes my justification that you need 50 brushes and gazillion of products to do lovely make-up ... Illamasqua ruined my favorite excuse for having such a large make-up collection with their Skin Sketching...
USA 2011 Haul: Inglot Freedom System square palette

Maestra’s new make up beauties from America

While I was browsing and preparing photos of the rest of my trip to America for you, I realised that there's still a lot of photos that I would really like to show you....

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