Alessandro Royal Stars silver and duochrome nail polish

Alessandro Royal Stars - Fabulous Jewel nail polish on bag

Sorry Silver Surfer, but Fabulous Jewel was my favorite from Royal Stars limited edition. This little baby is duochrome with gold, copperish and green tones and I adore the reddish or magenta (I know, world of difference but I sometimes see one and sometimes other ) sparkle in bright or artificial light aka when I’m washing my hands in bathroom. ...

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Colorful confetti top coat over white nail polish, anyone?

Essie Blanc + Alessandro Portland Dream swatch

This is short and sweet post for all of you who said Alessandro Portland Dream and white base are match made in heaven. Just for you, I applied one thicker coat of colorful confetti nail polish over Essie Blanc. Bonus photo of playtime with new Mundo de Uñas  stamping plate and nail polishes. I still think it’s pretty but predicable ...

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Alessandro Viva La Diva sponging

Alessandro Viva La Diva - striplac

You already met Portland Dream nail polish from Alessandro Viva La Diva limited edition. This time I have for you 3 other mini polishes from the same collection. Aloha Le, City Grass and Margarita Mambo decided that it’s high time for little bit of team-building so they joined forces in sponge manicure. This manicure really pushed basement cleanup up the ...

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Alessandro Viva La Diva LE – Portland Dream top coat

Alessandro Viva La Diva - Portland Dream top coat bottle

I can honestly say this is the funkiest shade that Alessandro launched lately. It reminds me of candies, summer and carefree days of the youth. I’m talking about Alessandro Viva La Diva LE – Portland Dream top coat of course. Whole Viva La Diva collection is breezy and summer-like, but Portland Dream is the love or hate nail polish from ...

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Alessandro Très Chic limited edition

Alessandro Tres Chic

Oh, yeah – I feel like spring and summer and sun and blooming nature and as little rain as possible. Alessandro is going to make our spring even more colorful with Très Chic LE nail polishes. There are 6 colors in this limited edition and as a bonus – they come in Striplac version as well. Here are 4 nail ...

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Alessandro Fashion Clubbing LE

Alessandro Fashion Clubbing

Alessandro’s newest limited edition goes by the name Fashion Clubbing. First I saw group photo and spotted few of the interesting shades. After Party was not among them. Then I went through individual detail photos and the potential was there. But in all honest – promotional photos are just not showing the true beauty of this topper. Good thing bloggers ...

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Alessandro Go Magic! – Thermo Twist

Alessandro Go Magic! Thermo Twist

Finally – long awaited Alessandro Go Magic! Thermo Twist nail polishes are mine! I waited and waited and waited for this limited edition for quite some time now as we didn’t get the fall color changing shades and I couldn’t find them in Austria neither. But the wait is now over I can finally play with my new toys. Interestingly ...

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