Alessandro Sweet, Sweet Flowers LE

Alessandro Sweet, Sweet Flowers-LE

I received 3 of Alessandro Sweet, Sweet Flowers LE nail polishes few weeks ago, opened the box and started to drool over pastels. After few minutes I wondered if I should go check my temperature, put them on my swatch table and let them rest for a while. It’s really weird that I actually started liking pastel shades. I always ...

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Woman’s Day manicure

Alessandro Sunny Glow, BM 224, Catrice Virgin Forest

I don’t celebrate many “holidays”, but International Woman’s Day is one that I always remember and reflect upon. I guess it is just something that comes from all the literature I read about subject and being aware of all the suffering and lives lost so we could have basic rights. To me 8th of March is special day and I ...

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Alessandro Effect Toppings LE nail polishes (Go Magic!)

Alessandro Effect Toppings - Royal Gold, Firebrick Sparkle

I think somebody wanted to keep me from finishing swatches planed for todays post. I had to change my plan couple of times as phones kept ringing, emails that had to be responded right away came one after another … and here I was racing against the clock aka sun. In the end, I found it to be quite funny. ...

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New collections for spring 2013

New spring 2013 collections - Alessandro, Jessica, Deborah

1. Alessandro – GO MAGIC! Effect Topping limited edition Newest Alessandro limited edition Effect Topping will consist of 6 10ml toppers. I adore toppers (you probably remember my CND effects obsession ). Judging by promo photos I only dislike coppery one (and we all know how that usually turns out ). Both top “sparkle” finishes look lovely, blue and gold ...

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Alessandro Crystal Punk swatches

Alessandro Crystal Punk (Go Magic)

First time I saw Alessandro Crystal Punk promo photos I knew at least one would be mine. Blue set was my least favorite and turquoise my darling. Other two – I had no clue what would they look in real life. First I received the Alessandro Toxic Turquoise set for review and put in on the desk so I could ...

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Christmas manicure and greetings

Christmas tree manicure nail polishes used

A lot of Christmas manicures raced through my mind, but in the end I decided to make glitter red manicure with snowman as an accent. But unfortunately my snowman looked more like glitter blob, so I removed it and made Christmas tree with scotch tape instead. I used Illamasqua Throb as my base nail polish – one of my favorite ...

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Alessandro and Deborah gift sets for Christmas/New Year 2012

Alessandro Snowflake gift set

Quite frankly we’re starved for nice makeup gift sets in Slovenia. It doesn’t really matter whether it is low or high end brand chances are you won’t find anything you would love to give somebody (demanding ) as present. I was expecting to find more interesting sets in Austria and while their selection was better it was still nothing to ...

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