Catrice – Back To Black

Catrice - Back To Black swatch

Today I have something for all the vampy polish lovers out there. The darkest of the new Catrice Ultimate nail polishes is named Back To Black - black base filled with blue-gray shimmer.Danes imam nekaj za ljubiteljice vampy odtenkov. Najtemnejši lak v novi Catrice Ultimate liniji je Back To Black - črn lak s prevladujočim modrikasto-sivim šimrom.

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H&M – Fashionista and Konad m72, swatch

H&M Fashionista, Catrice TC Silver Diamonds, konad m72, swatch

Which polish to choose among my latest haul – not an easy decision to make. I’m totally fascinated by purple color. I have purple blouses, scarfs, earrings, necklaces, suits, sweaters, bags … I’ll show you some of those articles in this post. H&M Fashionista looks lively in the bottle, and it lived to my expectations after I applied it. This ...

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Catrice – Caught On The Red Carpet swatch

Catrice: Caught On The Red Carpet swatch

Ahh – what a beauty. It’s been a while since I had red polish on my tips, so I’m currently in 7th heaven. Catrice Caught On The Red Carpet is one of the prettiest creme red polishes in my collection. Since this cutie belongs to chameleon family when it comes to changing undertones and lightness, so I’ll just stick with ...

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Catrice – Blue’s Brother swatch

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer swatch - Blue's Brother

After I saw Mamy’s swatch of Catrice Blue’s Brother polish, I knew I had to have it.     Our very kind Mamy was once again my fairy godmother. Catrice Blue’s Brother is one of the rare polishes I’m willing to forgive frost finish. I simply love this blue based polish with almost turquoise shimmer. Since my camera hates blue-green colors, ...

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CATRICE TE Pastel Delight lipsticks

CATRICE Pastel Delight lipsticks Pink Lilac

Thanks to our Mamy  I got  from Pastel Delight TE 2 lipsticks Pastel Pink and Pastel Lilac. They are both in my favorite colours. At the moment Catrice cosmetics are not available in our country, but you can buy it at out neighbours in Austria or Croatia. Price per lipstick is 3€. Since those 2 lipsticks are from TE you ...

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Catrice – Big Spender Wanted!

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - Big Spender Wanted! swatch

I got four new Catrice polishes! Thank you, Mamy. For couple of months now I’ve been eying last years China Glaze Summer Days collection (which I hated last year btw ). One of the polishes I liked was Strawberry Fields. But I’m so slow to buy polishes that are harder to remove so I was happy to see similar shade ...

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