Winter Nail-art Contest

Gabrini Elegant 371 + Uma bel Konad lak + CD H 7

As you read in Maestra’s Haunted House manicure post our giveaway ends today at 23:59 (GMT +1). Brooke from Getcha Nails Did posted about it on her blog together with two other contest/giveaways. Nail-Art World Winter Manicure contest cough my eye right away. Yesterday I finally managed to do the manicure for Lisa’s contest. Here are my entry photos. I ...

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Halloween: Haunted House manicure

Halloween - Haunted House

Have you enter our Halloween special already? No? You have time until tomorrow, 23:59, 30th October 2009 GMT+1. We already received some great photos! I really hope there will be more and Halloween is going to be special with all your photos of Halloween manicures posted on our blog! Ladies (and gentlemen), please, don’t be afraid to enter. Send us ...

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KOTD: Essence Live Forever + Chez-Delaney H17

Essence Live Forever + Stargazer 236 +CD H17

While I was doing swatches for Essence Moonlight TE collection I was intrigued by the combination of Live Forever and Essie Matte About You. I could just see Konad over it. I used Stargazer 236 metallic blue polish and waves from Chez-Delaney plate H 17. I can tell you that removing Live Forever after all those layers of polish was ...

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KOTD: Essence – Spot On + Chez-Delaney H23

Essence - Spot On + Chez-Delaney H23

Nisem se še odločila, ali mi je današnja konadikura všeč ali ne. Poglejte in povejte, kaj vi menite o njej. Osnova sta dve plasti laka Essence – Spot On. Pri nanosu nisem imela nobenih težav, opazila pa sem, da se je naredilo nekaj mehurčkov, ki sicer niso zelo opazni. Čez podlago sem odtisnila vzorček iz Chez-Delaney H23 plošče. Lak, ki ...

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My new Chez-Delaney beauties

Chez Delaney H 17

Not long ago mailman brought me four new Chez-Delaney plates. H4 Some of the images have very interesting relief – I can hardly wait to try them out. The only image I’m not overly impressed with is middle one. It reminds me at problematic image from H 07 plate (I’ll try to do tip from this one and post pictures ...

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Club 30

Essie Midnight Cami + China Glaze Awaken + CD H22

Today I officially joined the Club 30 (year-olds that is). I’m no less childish and no more serious than I was yesterday so I’m not really sure they’ll approve my membership. Today post-woman brought me Trans Design package with my new polishes in it. If I planed it I could not organize everything to receive the package right on my ...

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Golden Rose 207

Golden Rose: 207, 281, 223

Golden Rose 207 can hardly be called a pretty color, but I had to try it anyway. 207 is beige-brown shade. If you added little bit eggnog into milk coffee this is the color you’d get. If it wasn’t so yellow maybe I could tolerate it on my nails. Since that is not the case, it really looked funny on ...

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