Star holo glitter night manicure

Gabrini 401 holo star glitter nail polish

My middle nail polish stand is filled with nail polishes that belong into “now or never” category. Meaning that this is it – the chance to wear or “archive” them. Some time ago I either bought or got Gabrini 401 nail polish – holographic star glitter suspended in clear base. I’m not huge fan of larger glitter, but they have ...

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Comparison: Maybelline Colorama Electric Blue vs. Gabrini 335

Comparison: Maybelline Mini Colorama Electric Blue vs. Gabrini 335 swatch

Colorama Electric Blue turned out to be really similar to a polish I got a while ago from Goga called Gabrini 335. You can see the difference only if you look really closely. Gabrini 335 is little more streaky and has smaller shimmer and brush, but the finally effect is almost identical. The biggest difference is in the amount of ...

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Gabrini 214 holographic polish

Gabrini 214 holographic polish swatch by Parokeets

Gabrini 214 is one of the funkiest holographic polishes in my collection. The color itself is already special – olive to golden green shade. Add a holo that is really, really shy and you get one very moody polish. Holographic effect disappeared altogether on the photo, so try to imagine holo rainbow instead of silver particles.  I needed three layers ...

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Package from Ukraine

Package from Ukraine - group photo

I had Golden Rose holographic polishes on my WL for ages now. Mademoiselle C. kindly offered to hunt them down in Ukraine. In the end, only one Golden Rose holo ended up in a package, but fantastic Mademoiselle C. managed to find a lot of other gorgeous polishes for me. And lucky for me she did, since my Mr. Murphy ...

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Layering: Butterfly 387 and CND Sapphire Sparkle over Gabrini 371

Gabrini 371, Butterfly 387, CND Sapphire Sparkle bottles

If you check my nail polish collection closely, you’ll quickly find out that “layering” polishes get more wear time than other polishes. I simply love layering and what better to use than polishes with interesting shimmer and glitter in see-through base.  A while ago I bought two distant relatives to my darling CND effects. Today I have for you blue ...

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