Gabrini 214 holographic polish swatch by Parokeets

Gabrini 214 holographic polish

Gabrini 214 is one of the funkiest holographic polishes in my collection. The color itself is already special - olive to golden green shade. Add a holo that is really, really shy and you...
Package from Ukraine - group photo

Package from Ukraine

I had Golden Rose holographic polishes on my WL for ages now. Mademoiselle C. kindly offered to hunt them down in Ukraine. :rose: In the end, only one Golden Rose holo ended up in a...
Gabrini 371, Butterfly 387, CND Sapphire Sparkle bottles

Layering: Butterfly 387 and CND Sapphire Sparkle over Gabrini 371

If you check my nail polish collection closely, you'll quickly find out that "layering" polishes get more wear time than other polishes. I simply love layering and what better to use than polishes with...
Flormar: 392, N006, N007, 360, 060, 411, 068; Gabrini Elegant 377; Golden Rose 234 polishes

My new Flormar, Gabrini and Golden Rose polishes

I asked my brother to bring me a polish (or two :silly: ) from his weekend trip. Here is what I got.Brata sem prosila, če mi lahko z izleta prinese kak lakec. Tole je rezultat.
Essence - Surfer Babe polishes

Swatches and review: Essence Surfer Babe Trend Edition

Yes, another Essence Trend Edition. And this time it's called Surfer Babe. I don't know if I'm happy with another TE or am I just tired of all these new Essence trend editions. I...

Winter Nail-art Contest

As you read in Maestra's Haunted House manicure post our giveaway ends today at 23:59 (GMT +1). Brooke from Getcha Nails Did posted about it on her blog together with two other contest/giveaways. Nail-Art World...

Gabrini Elegant 371 – flossed

As I already mentioned HERE, I had special manicure in mind for Gabrini 371. I quickly fell in love with Gabrini polishes - the apply well, have lot of colors to choose from, their staying...