Inglot Freedom eyeshadow palette: cool vs. warm

Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palette: warm vs. cool

I adore my Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palettes but they’re also responsible for few extra gray hair – they just don’t want to show their true colors on the photos. I guess close enough will have to do … even though I hate that phrase. I wanted to swatch my matte eyeshadows first, but those were the lousiest photos of ...

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My Inglot make up collection

My Inglot cosmetics collection by Gejba

Inglot is definitively one of the brands I reach often for, so I wanted to show you what I tried out so far … and then you can decide review of which products interest you the most. Here is my whole Inglot stash: Freedom palettes, nail polishes, concealers, eyeshadows, highlighter … Original plan was to swatch at least my matte ...

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Inglot matte palette and OPI Black Spotted haul

OPI Black Spotted

Thanks to Saša and two of her friends I was finally able to get my claws onto 2 things from my WL … and these two were very high up. Thank you, girls. I’m currently in 7th heaven while arranging eyeshadows in my long anticipated Inglot palette with all neural/nude matte eyeshadows … … and playing with OPI Black Spotted ...

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My New Year’s Eve makeup

New Year's Eve 2011 makeup

Just a quick post to show you my New Year’s Eve makeup … nothing special really – black gold combo with mainly Inglot eyeshadows. I was already late, so the makeup was done in a hurry and photos in under one minute, so it’s no wonder none of them came out good. Base no1. : Too Faced Shadow Insurance Base ...

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Catrice Alluring Night + Inglot 204 + Essence We Will Rock You

Inglot 204 nail polish bottle

This is one of my recent nail polish layering attempts. I used Catrice Alluring Night as a base and as I was in a mood for flakies I reached for Inglot 204 nail polish. I wasn’t really satisfied with this flakie – it’s to flat for my taste. It seems to have slightly purple duochrome effect but I wasn’t impressed ...

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