KOTD with Essence – Top Of The Ice-Stream (Snow Jam TE)

Essence Snow Jam TE - Top Of The Ice-Stream with Konad m14, m56, m59

I stumbled across two new trend editions by Essence the other day. One being the Snow Jam and the other Vintage District Trend Edition. In the Snow Jam TE the white nail polish with an interesting blue shimmer caught my eyes and in the Vintage District the grey nail polish with a purple shimmer was the most interesting to me. ...

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Foundation brushes (and Maestra’s favorites)

Foundation Brushes - review

Almost everything is ready to start reviewing different foundations (mainly liquid ones). Before we start though I’d like to talk to you about different foundation brushes and of course about my favorite ones. Here we go … There are various kinds of brushes that are specially made for application of liquid foundations. Today I’d like to talk about the ones ...

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Pink Challenge: Day 7 by Maestra

Pink Challenge: Day 2 Essie - Knockout Pout by Maestra

For my last pink manicure I wanted to create something that I would actually like and wear. That means that there isn’t a lot of pink involved. Finally here is my seventh pink manicure. This was actually my second attempt. Yesterday I created something that I didn’t like at all and I wasn’t in the mood to do another pink ...

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NOTD: Ice Queen konadicure

Ice Queen konadicure: Essence - Hello Holo and Konad IP m63 with Konad Special Polish in White Pearl

Some of you have noticed my manicure in my Essence – 50’s Girls Reloaded review video and asked me about it. So here it is. (Please excuse my yellow stained nails. ) And because I’m obviously into recording videos right now, why don’t I publish another one, right? I think the video shows this sparkly konadicure best. I named the ...

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All about Konad (basics)

Konad image plates

We’ve received a lot of requests for “how to” or “tutorial” articles. One of the most requested posts was a Konad tutorial. Finally I took the time and recorded a few short videos on basic stuff about Konad. The videos are really short and to the point (I hope). I hope these videos will be helpful at least to some ...

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KOTD: Thunderstorms

KOTD: Illamasqua - Raindrops + Fauxnad D with Konad special polish in White Pearl and Black Pearl

Hi. I’m back and this is what was on my nails over the weekend while I was in Prague. I just realised that Raindrops polish looks bluish in the photo above. Well, IRL it’s not. It’s grey. I don’t know how I didn’t notice that sooner. I’m sorry for the misleading photo. Raindrops is a sheer grey polish with tiny ...

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