LCN Crackle finish nail polishes

LCN crackle nail polishes

I already showed you LCN Magnetic nail polishes I picked up in Slovenian LCN store. Today I have for you swatches of 3 out of 5 LCN crackle polishes I bought at the same time. I hope these are still sold. I already tried out all of them, but made swatches only for 3 shades. I liked all 5 crackle ...

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Review and swatches: LCN Magnetic nail polishes

As soon as I spotted LCN Magnetic polishes I knew I wanted all of them. But when I saw how much they cost, I really considered skipping the entire collection. I mean around ~ 10 USD (which usually translates into 10 EUR) for a 8 ml polish + 20 USD just for one magnet … and I wanted both magnets ...

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Neon KOTD and POTD


Today I have a creme neon green for you. It’s from LCN and the shade name is Neon 9. I’ve had this one in my stash for quite some time now, but I was a bit afraid of putting it on. I thought it would be too sheer and it wouldn’t go with my skin tone. I was partly right. ...

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LCN – 157 in Nail Silk

LCN - 157

Nekaj časa nazaj smo že pisale o LCN lakih. Imajo dobro barvno paleto, le sušenje je rahlo problematično. Laki se namreč precej počasi sušijo kljub hitro sušečemu nadlaku. Zato sem se odločila lake preizkusiti še na njihovem podlaku. V Sanolaborju sem kupila podlak Nail Silk, ker drugega cenovno ugodnega podlaka niso imeli na izbiro. Cena za Nail Silk je bila ...

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