Manhattan Magic Up! Abrakadbrown eyeshadow

Manhattan Magic Up eyeshadow Abrakadabrown

First of – this is limited edition eyeshadow, still available in Slovenia, but I’m not sure if it is still accessible to anyone. Just a quick word of warning so you don’t kill me after I tell you this is one of the best eyeshadows I have ever seen. So what is it? Manhattan labeled it as long lasting with ...

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Manhattan – Blogger Edition nail polishes (swatches)

Swatch: Manhattan Mode Pilot Blogger Edition - 10M SoHo

I know that I’m totally late with this post, because these polishes were limited edition and I don’t think you can still get them, but I have bought them, photographed them and wanted to show them to you. So here they are … 10M SoHo is a shimmery old gold polish. It isn’t streaky. There’s tons of shimmer, that looks ...

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Pink Challenge: Day 6 by Gejba

Essence Love This City, Mahattan Fresh-Excited, Kiko 348 - pink challenge

For Day 6 of Pink Challenge I used technique that I’ve been neglecting for years … “scotch tape” manicure. I never became fan of this technique as I’m pretty clumsy so I need lots and lots of time to make it look pretty. If I was doing scotch tape mani, then I was determined to go all the way and ...

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Layering: Manhattan Green Piece + L’Ambre Noir 402

Layering: Manhattan Green Piece + L'Ambre Noir 402 detail

Here is the other layering experiment with Manhattan Hands Up! polish as a base. I showed you the one with Manhattan Fresh-Excited and CND Jade Sparkle couple of days ago. This time I used Manhattan Green Piece as a base and added layer of L’Ambre Noir 402 I got from Ukraine over it. Detail to show you gorgeous duochrome flakes. ...

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Layering: Manhattan Fresh-Excited + CND Jade Sparkle

Manhattan Fresh-Excited! + CND Jade Sparkle swatch by Parokeets

I was just sorting my “to be processed” folder and saw that I didn’t show you two of my experiments with Manhattan Hands Up! polishes. Both of them are layering experiments … like that is huge surprise. Today I’ll show you Manhattan Fresh-Excited! and CND Jade Sparkle combo. I just loooove CND effects – wish I had all of them. ...

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Hello from …

p2 Erlangen haul

Hello from Germany – land of p2 polishes. Everybody is else is napping, so I used the time to take photos of my todays haul. Not the best or the most accurate photos but … Enjoy in the res of the weekend …. hopefully you have more than our 18°C (64.4ºF). 

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Summer make-up look

Products for Summer make up look

It’s been very hot in the past few days here in Slovenia. Luckily I like summer and I don’t mind high temperatures. But refreshing rain showers (let’s say during the night) would be nice from time to time. As I said I don’t mind high temperatures, I just have to adjust to such conditions. One of the adjustments is make ...

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