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Comparison: Essence Grumpy vs. p2 Gigantic

Essence Grumpy vs. p2 Gigantic comparison

Irena requested a p2 Gigantic (no. 191) and Essence Grumpy comparison. I made super quick comparison to show you the difference between the 2 nail polishes … even-though they’re similar color-wise. If you’re deciding between these two nail polishes, then Essence Grumpy would be my favorite as it has deeper blue color and better coverage. But as Gigantic is not ...

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p2 – Good Luck!

Swatch: p2 - color victim: 601 Good Luck!

I got this polish as a gift from my dear friend Gejba. She is awesome. She is such a great friend. She knows exactly what colors I like and knows exactly what do I need to cheer me up. Thank you Gejba for being such a great friend! p2 – Good Luck! is an army green polish with creme finish. ...

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p2 Patchouli + Ruby Kisses Baby Blue nail polish layering

p2 Patchouli + Ruby Kisses Baby Blue bottels

I needed a “pick me up” manicure couple of weeks ago. I discussed what to put on with my Facebook friends and got tons of great suggestions, but I either didn’t have that shade in my collection (see – it’s still too small ) or I wasn’t feeling the color. But I felt good chatting about it so thank you ...

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p2 nail polish swatches

p2 nail polishes

p2 nail polishes are one of my favorite ones even though lately I’ve been little bit disappointed by creme finish dominance as I love shimmer in their nail polishes. I simply have too many of p2 nail polishes to swatch all of them on nails, so I chose to show you the shades current sold swatched on nail wheel. From ...

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Germany haul: p2, Catrice, Kiko

Germany haul: p2, Catrice, Kiko

I was in Germany couple of days ago and “stole” a little bit of time for shopping. As I didn’t have much time, I focused on p2 as I can not get that nowhere else than in German DM stores. I did manage to get all four Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas nail polishes and 2 Kiko Light Impulse LE ...

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p2 Perfect Face Anti-Red Base

p2 Perfect Face Anti-Red Base by Parokeets

I’ve been searching for a perfect green corrector for a while now. While shopping in Germany I spotted p2 Perfect Face Anti-Red Base (02 Correct Me!). BTW – shopping itself was nightmare as the lady who was filling p2 stand just wouldn’t go away. She almost pushed me out of her way like I was annoying fly. Too bad my ...

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Hello from …

p2 Erlangen haul

Hello from Germany – land of p2 polishes. Everybody is else is napping, so I used the time to take photos of my todays haul. Not the best or the most accurate photos but … Enjoy in the res of the weekend …. hopefully you have more than our 18°C (64.4ºF). 

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