Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen nail polishes

Sally Hansen nail polish collection by Gejba

So far I own 5 Sally Hansen nail polishes all from their “complete Salon manicure” line. I buy them in Austria as they’re not available in Slovenia. Price is not too bad, but not cheap either – majority of the shades are around 9 EUR (14,7 ml). Main thing I like about these nail polishes is their easy to use ...

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NOTD: Holographic and duochrome combo! Layering is fun!

Swatch: Color Club - Wild At Heart and Sally Hansen - Nail Prisms - Garnet Lapis (layering)

Wow, it’s hot outside. It’s sunny and hot. I like summer and sun and everything but a bit of rain wouldn’t hurt at the moment. Isn’t it funny how we always complain about weather? It’s never just right. It could always be … a bit better, right? But today’s post isn’t about the weather, it’s about my manicure of the ...

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Shopping in Tallinn and in Slovakia

Nfu-Oh Opal Series by parokeets

As I mentioned HERE: That is all I bought … in Finland. Estonia and Slovakia hauls are coming soon. And trust me – I really went overboard. I’ll let photos tell you the whole story, but I can tell you that I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Part of Nfu Oh polishes I bought. On our way to the north ...

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Zelena francoska manikura s Chez-Delaney P32

Sally Hansen - Lime Lights, China Glaze - Metallic Muse, b.pretty - Stars, Chez-Delaney P32

Minilo je skoraj 5 mesecev od moje zadnje francoske manikure. Več o moji prejšnji francoski manikuri si lahko preberete TUKAJ. Na tem področju se ni nič spremenilo. Še zmeraj nisem privrženka francoske manikure. A očitno je minilo dovolj časa od prejšnjega poskusa, da lahko poskusim znova.  Pred časom sem kupila Chez-Delaney P32. Ploščico z enajstimi različnimi vzorci za francosko manikuro. ...

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Gabrini Elegant 371 – flossed

Gabrini Elegant 371 flossing

As I already mentioned HERE, I had special manicure in mind for Gabrini 371. I quickly fell in love with Gabrini polishes – the apply well, have lot of colors to choose from, their staying power is good and they have cute bottles. This time I have for you polish from Elegant collection – my favorite line from Gabrini. Gabrini ...

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Nekaj “Avonov”…

Avon - Nailwear Pro - CoralReef vs. She - 305

Pred kratkim sem vam predstavila čudovit sivo moder odtenek Blue Flare. Tokrat imam za vas še dva odtenka znamke Avon. Prvi je krem “hot pink” odtenek z imenom Viva Pink. Nanaša se popolnoma brez težav. Na fotografiji sta dva nanosa. Drugi odtenek Coral Reef. Gre za krem rdeče koralen odtenek. Tudi pri tem odtenku je nanos popolnoma neproblematičen. Na fotografiji ...

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NOTD: Sally Hansen – Insta Dri – Jumpin’ Jade

Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri - Jumpin Jade

I wanted this nail polish for so long. It was a big lemming of mine! Jumpin’ Jade… a wonderful blackened green, jade or maybe even teal shade. I’ve had it home for quite some time now and I have no idea or excuse, why I haven’t tried it on yet. I mean, this was a huge mistake! This color ROCKS!!! ...

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