Zoya - Mimi (Sparkle) swatch

Zoya – Mimi (Sparkle collection)

I could hardly wait for Zoya Sparkle collection to come out. Mimi, Charla and Ivanka were my favorites. :w00t: First polish I bought from this collection was Mimi. Gorgeous purple shade, that hides duochrome glitter...
Swatch: Half Moon manicure: Ciate - Stiletto + Zoya - Veruschka

Readers request: Illamasqua inspired look – open eye and another manicure

A few of our readers commented on my last post, that they would love to see, how does the make up look with my eyes opened. My eyes were really really red when I...
Swatch: Illamasqua Noir inspired look

Illamasqua inspired look

When I was browsing through the Illamasqua home page, I instantly feel in love with their next photo. I took the picture as an inspiration and I tried to do my version of the Illamasqua...
Konadicure: Barielle Polished Princess + Zoya Laney + fauxnad m70

KOTD: Barielle Polished Princess + Zoya Laney + IP m70

For my today's manicure I have chosen poisonous green shade - Barielle Polished Princess, I got in a swap. :silly: I love green shades, but I prefer those leaning to the blue side or neutral ones. Yellow green polishes don't do the trick for me.Danes sem izbrala za NOTD zelenkota stupenkota - Barielle Polished Princess, ki sem ga dobila v swapu. Zelene odtenke imam sicer res rada, a je skoraj predpogoj, da morajo imeti ali vsaj malo modre ali pa biti nevtralni. Odtenki, ki se zelo močno nagibajo proti rumeni mi niso preveč pri srcu.
EOTD: The She Space: Baited Breathe, Fire and Brimstone, Moral Enemy, Rock and Roll, Dimwitted; Sweetscents: Satin Slipper

Joy – 246 + EOTD

Joy - 246 is a lime green frosty shade, which I though I wouldn't like as much as I did as I put it on my nails. I like it mainly because it glows...

Zoya Harley from darksome

Yesterday I had especially beautiful day. Postman brought me something unexpected. In cute package I received lovely letter and Zoya Harley polish. It turned out Darksome was my fairy godmother.Včeraj je bil še posebej lep dan. Da ti poštar prinese paket, ki ga ne pričakuješ... V skrbno zavitem paketku je bil poleg lepih besed še lak Zoya Harley. Dobra vila je bila darksome. Seveda ga je bilo treba takoj preizkusiti.

Catrice: I Sea You!

Today I have for you another polish from new Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer line -  I Sea You! (no. 250). I like this interesting mix of muted blue and green color. Green one prevails, but...