Brushes – Eyes

Zoeva eye brushes 227, 234

Zoeva eye brushes 227, 234, longlasting stylo liner

Zoeva brushes were my longtime lemming. Not even really sure why did it take me so long to finally order them. Everything looked tempting for makeup brush lover, so I had hard time resisting all those great tools. In the end I bought 2 eyeshadow brushes and felt tip eyeliner. ZOEVA 234 Smoky Shader eye brush I love the quality ...

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Review: Max Factor Eye Shadow brush

Max Factor - Eye Shadow Brush (review)

I spotted some new brushes at our local DM (Drogerie Markt; drugstore). Brushes are by Max Factor. They are sold individually and each brush comes in a box. It first I wasn’t interested, because none of the brushes seemed interesting to me. Either they looked rough or the shape wasn’t interesting to me. But second time I checked them out, ...

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Review: Essence brushes

Essence powder brush vs. MAC 116

I’ve been asked many times to do a post or several posts on make up brushes. I’ve had difficulties deciding how to do these posts, because there’s so many different brushes out there and I also have a lot of different brushes myself. So I couldn’t decide whether to write a “my favourite brushes” post or just a basic post ...

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Review and swatches: Essence – 50’s Girls Reloaded

Essence - 50's Girls Reloaded: eyeshadow brush and translucent loose powder

Essence – 50’s Girls Reloaded. New trend edition, new review. Here we go. I was curious how the eyeshadow brush is going to be. I didn’t expect much and I think I didn’t get much either. First off, the brush is soft and it’s not dense. When I washed it, it shedded a bit too much for my liking. When ...

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Review and swatches: Essence – Metallics Trend Edition (make up)

EOTD: Essence Metallics Trend Edition: Jumbo Eye Pencil - Metal Battle and Copper Rulez!

Here’s what I got so far from the Essence Metallics Trend Edition. Yesterday I reviewed the Nothing Else Metals magnetic nail polish. You can read my article HERE. I don’t know where to begin as I have so many things to review. I’ll start with my favourite product and a product that surprised me the most. Quattro eyeshadow and gel ...

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“7 Choses” Tag

"7 Choices Tag"

Macodvisnica tagged me for “7 Choses Tag”. My task was to take photo of 7 things all which had to be in green color. At first I hard time collecting them, but my love for green make-up saved me. I could have added my green vacuum cleaner but, unlike Maestra, I hate mine. I love s’Oliver t-shirts. Couple of them ...

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