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Catrice Absolute Nude (All Nude) eyeshadow palette

Catrice Absolute Nude eyeshadow palette

Catrice Absolute Nude paleta senčil za oči je zagotovo eden izmed najbolj pričakovanih izdelkov iz spomladanske prenove Catrice stojal. Catrice je obljubljal paleto v nevtralnih barvah in v različnih finiših. Glede barv lahko potrdim obljube, močno pa pogrešam raznolikost finišev. Vseh 6 odtenkov vsebuje podoben šimer, ki pa ni zelo moteč ali izstopajoč. Res pa je, da jaz pred nanosom ...

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Project mascara: Introduction by Gejba

Project mascara - mascaras in testing by Gejba

Project foundation turned out to be ongoing series, so we would be waiting for a long time to start new one if we waited for the first one to end. Mascaras are another beauty product group that could use little bit more in-depth review so Project mascara was born. Sensitive eyes I have very sensitive eyes, which means that non-irritant ...

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Catrice – new products for Spring 2013 (review, swatch)

Catrice new products: Spring 2013

Catrice is bringing new products out for Spring and Summer 2013. This is my review about some of the new products. Eyebrow Filler – Perfecting & Shaping Gel Naturally tinted Eyebrow gel, suitable for eyebrow colors. The fibers fill in small gaps – for dense and perfectly shaped eyebrows within seconds. I’ve never had a product like this, so I ...

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Collistar Satin Eye Shadow – Notte

Collistar Notte 03 (Satin eye shadow)

Last year Collistar launched their newest eyeshadow line – Satin Eye Shadows primer+colour. Eyeshadow saturated with colour and incredibly versatile, in powders so soft and silky that they can be blended to infinity, providing finishes with special effects. High-tension colours, full, deep and strictly satin, with long-lasting hold. Eyeshadows are housed in pretty much same packaging as other single Collistar ...

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Gosh Mineral Waterproof Eye Shadows

Gosh Mineral Waterproof Eye Shadows

Gosh Waterproof Eye Shadows just started to reign in my secondary eyeshadow base category, when they stopped selling Gosh in Slovenia. I only bought 2 of them and even those started to smell after couple of years so I just put them away in case I need the later on for comparison. Fortunately for me our neighboring country Austria still ...

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Inglot Freedom eyeshadow palette: cool vs. warm

Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palette: warm vs. cool

I adore my Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palettes but they’re also responsible for few extra gray hair – they just don’t want to show their true colors on the photos. I guess close enough will have to do … even though I hate that phrase. I wanted to swatch my matte eyeshadows first, but those were the lousiest photos of ...

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Kryolan eye shadows – swatches, review


Kryolan is a German professional make up brand with a very long tradition. They’ve been around for 66 years and are specialized in manufacturing make up for theater, film and television. They offer a huge variety of items (from items for special effects to eyeshadows, brushes, …). Because this is not a blog for make up artists nor am I ...

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