Comparison: China Glaze – Emerald Sparkle Vs. NYX – Las Vegas

Emerald Sparkle - 2 plasti, Las Vegas - 3 plasti

Emerald Sparkle, oh Emerald Sparkle, you’re finally here with me! I’ll write the whole story on how long I’ve been waiting for it and how it finally found me, in another post. Today, I just wanted to show you some similarities and differences between China Glaze – Emerald Sparkle and NYX – Las Vegas (the green version). After one coat, ...

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Essence – Summer Of Love TE part 2

Essence - Summer Of Love - Woodstock Vs. Catrice - Club Tropicana - Palm Leaves

If you missed the first part, here is the LINK to it. Psychedelic is the only creme polish in the collection. It is a blend of coral, red and a hint of pink color. It is a vivid color and perfect for the summer. The application was great. If you’re careful enough, you’ll need only one coat for full coverage. ...

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Readers requests…

OPI - Call My Cell-ery

anchek asked me to compare China Glaze – Designer Satin and Essence – Very Berry. There are two coats of each in the picture. The shades are similar but not dupes. Designer Satin has more red to hint to it than Very Berry. But in some light conditions the colors do look like dupes, in other lighting they look a ...

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Essence – Into The Ocean Trend Edition – nail polishes

Essence - Into The Ocean - Dive Deeper + Open Water Dive

Once again Essence didn’t disappoint us. Their Into The Ocean Trend Edition is another great collection. Among other, there are three great nail polishes. As you’ll see later on, the polishes have great potential as long as you use your imagination. Bubble Bubble is a lovely purple to lavender shade with a foil finish. Bubble Bubble is very similar to ...

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Coastal Scents Sable Contour and Kent Definition/socket brush

Kent Definition/socket, Coastal Scents Sable Contour

Instead of one post for each brush, I made comparison between Coastal Scents – Sable Contour and Kent – Definition/socket brush. All of the pictures contain 1 EUR coin for reference. Lets start with length. Sable Conture is 14 cm long and it’s approximately 1 cm longer than Kent brush. The length of hair is very similar – around 1 ...

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Alessandro – Gipsy Look

China Glaze - Designer Satin vs. Essie - Bahama Mama vs. Catrice - Vibrant Violet vs. Alessandro - 242

Gipsy Look se imenuje nova omejena kolekcija mini lakov za nohte znamke Alessandro. V kolekciji je kar nekaj zanimivih odtenkov. Zame so bili najbolj zanimivi trije… 239 je krem vijoličen odtenek. Je eden tistih vijoličnih odtenkov, ki spreminjajo barvo glede na osvetlitev. Pod določeno osvetlitvijo je skoraj rdeč, pod določeno osvetlitvijo je hladno vijoličen. No fotografijah sta dva nanosa. Primerjala ...

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HOT for Summer: Essie Neons 2009

Essie - Neoni 2009 - Flirty Fuchsia

OMG, these shades just glow! Remember to wear sunglasses! Punchy Pink is a wonderful neon pink shade. It leans a bit towards coral. Flirty Fuchsia is also a neon pink. But this one leans towards fuchsia. Punchy Pink and Flirty Fuchsia are really simillar, but far from being dupes. Funky Limelight is eye-burning shade. It’s unbelievably hot! It glows! The ...

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