Anny: Must Have and spring snow


I noticed new stand in Limoni store full of pretty nail polishes. Brand was called Anny and is new discovery for me. I bought one nail polish that had meaningful name – Must Have. Anny: Must Have Base is brown, but the violet shimmer makes it look perfect … truly “Must Have” if your fan of this kind of color ...

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My childhood home

Domace Zivali

Wherever I’m, wherever I go – the pretties place is still my childhood home. Few days ago I went dandelion gathering (away from smog and roads) and took my camera with me to make couple of photos. I hope I can bring to your home the pulse of spring in the country. Everything is so peaceful and soothing in the ...

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Impressions of southern places


Fall by the sea: peaceful, quite, warm … soul soothing. At home – fog just wouldn’t end. I don’t even recall the last time we saw sun. We were half way to the sea and fog was still present. Nothing much was going on by the sea. We made little something of olive oil, chatted with locals, eat fish … ...

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Autumn in mountains


Fall is my favorite season. Even when valley is filled with fog, slopes are bathing in sun rays. No – this isn’t one of the islands in Mediterranean see – this is view of Ljubljana basin. I love you mountains! For the end Alessandro Hypnotic I already showed you before. I still love it and wear it. Have a lovely ...

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You just have to find them


It sounds easy but it’s not. First all the criteria for mushroom growth have to be met and then you have to find them. You have to have a gift for mushroom gathering … and good luck. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones as I usually bring home full basket. We mostly gather boletus mushrooms as we’re most ...

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Mix of the week

Mix of the day: Catrice, Gosh, Essence, NOTD by Maestra

I was MIA for a couple of days. I spent a couple of wonderful days with my family. Now I’m back and I’d like to show you some random photos I took this past week. Since you liked my “Mix of the day” post very much, I thought you might also like a “Mix of the week” post. Here we ...

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Gift idea


Out of ideas for a present? Take a look at the below photo. I found the idea in Slovenian magazine called Cvetje za poletje 2011. The person that received this gift loved it. I find it to be cute present with new hairstyle everyday.

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