Merry Christmas…


Today is magical day. OK, let’s forget about weather that is nothing like winter weather should be. Outside is raining, we have fog, autumn temperatures … But it can’t be helped – we can not control the weather. Maybe we’ll have snowflake or two tomorrow – who knows. Dear readers, I wish you Merry Christmas. My mom always told me ...

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From Dalmatia with love


While rain pured in Slovenia, we visited sunny Dalmatia. They have really nice fall temperatures – 21°C by day and over 16°C by night. And even after rainfall, the sun is quick to appear. Goodbye Slovenia… Small part of Dalmatia idyll I want to share with you. I’ll let the photographs to tell the tale. Wind started to blow from ...

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Holidays in Finland

Finska jezera

We took a trip to Finland this summer. Motor-home campers have only nicest things to say about Scandinavian countries. We gathered as much information as we could and hit the road in July. We traveled with motor-home through eastern European countries to Tallinn and from there with ferry to Helsinki. Lakes … lots of lakes and one prettier than the ...

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Finland in one picture


Holidays in Finland impressed us soooo much. For the beginning of this entry, let me just show you a photo named “Finland in one picture”. Hope you will enjoy. We were really impressed with everything we saw… We have never been in such a “calm”, orderly and beautiful country. Journey was very exciting, across all the countries, straight to Finland. ...

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Mushrooms from the hidden corners

China_Glaze_L8R G8R

When fall comes, I tend to spend a lot of time in the nature. Last week we went looking for mushrooms … and hit a jackpot. Where did we find them? Here. Nope, true mushroom “hunters” will never tell you where best ones grow. We even found chanterelle. We bought a lot of those during our stay in Finland. They ...

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Tutorial: Glitter Iron-on Foil

Do It Yourself - Glitter Iron-on Foil

Yesterday I went to a local craft store to buy some felt. Along with desired felt I bought a cool glitter iron-on foil. It’s a foil to decorate textiles. You cut it in desired shape(s) and then iron it on a piece of fabric. I had to try it out today. That’s what I created … For all of you, ...

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The age of Essie – part 1

Essie - Power Lunch

Let’s start off with a few bonus pics… What a sweet sight And an ugly duckling… <3 And now let’s move to the point of our today’s post… A few days ago I started the Age of Essie, where I presented you my stash of Essie polishes. Today, I’m going to continue with some pictures of light pink shades, for ...

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