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If there is no snow in January…


Winter just barely started, but we have “spring” outside. Everything is green and there is no snow to be seen. Spring flowers are starting to grow. I can not remember if we ever had January with temperatures over 10°C. Winter is coming back in a matter of days … as it should be, so nature can rest for a little ...

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Merry Christmas…


Today is magical day. OK, let’s forget about weather that is nothing like winter weather should be. Outside is raining, we have fog, autumn temperatures … But it can’t be helped – we can not control the weather. Maybe we’ll have snowflake or two tomorrow – who knows. Dear readers, I wish you Merry Christmas. My mom always told me ...

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From Dalmatia with love


While rain pured in Slovenia, we visited sunny Dalmatia. They have really nice fall temperatures – 21°C by day and over 16°C by night. And even after rainfall, the sun is quick to appear. Goodbye Slovenia… Small part of Dalmatia idyll I want to share with you. I’ll let the photographs to tell the tale. Wind started to blow from ...

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Autumn in the garden


Fall in already here and nature is preparing for well deserved rest. Right before trees loose the leaves, they’re wonderful sight to be seen. One of the most colorful trees is Parrotia persica. Followed closely by Liquidambar styraciflua and ginkgo. Larches job is done for this year. Kiwi is still out. Only flowers left are roses. If there weren’t for ...

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KOTD: Manhattan 67C + Stargazer 234 + IP m72

Manhattan 67C + Stargazer 234 + m72

I had a friend over on Sunday and we played around with Konad. I’m sorry we didn’t make time for a couple of pictures since my friend has lovely long nails.  Gejba’s post reminded me of similar polish in my collection, so today I used two layers of Manhattan 67C as a base polish. I would love this gray polish ...

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Holidays in Finland

Finska jezera

We took a trip to Finland this summer. Motor-home campers have only nicest things to say about Scandinavian countries. We gathered as much information as we could and hit the road in July. We traveled with motor-home through eastern European countries to Tallinn and from there with ferry to Helsinki. Lakes … lots of lakes and one prettier than the ...

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Finland in one picture


Holidays in Finland impressed us soooo much. For the beginning of this entry, let me just show you a photo named “Finland in one picture”. Hope you will enjoy. We were really impressed with everything we saw… We have never been in such a “calm”, orderly and beautiful country. Journey was very exciting, across all the countries, straight to Finland. ...

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