Tutorial: Glitter Iron-on Foil

Do It Yourself - Glitter Iron-on Foil

Yesterday I went to a local craft store to buy some felt. Along with desired felt I bought a cool glitter iron-on foil. It’s a foil to decorate textiles. You cut it in desired shape(s) and then iron it on a piece of fabric. I had to try it out today. That’s what I created … For all of you, ...

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Zoya Harley from darksome


Yesterday I had especially beautiful day. Postman brought me something unexpected. In cute package I received lovely letter and Zoya Harley polish. It turned out Darksome was my fairy godmother.Včeraj je bil še posebej lep dan. Da ti poštar prinese paket, ki ga ne pričakuješ... V skrbno zavitem paketku je bil poleg lepih besed še lak Zoya Harley. Dobra vila je bila darksome. Seveda ga je bilo treba takoj preizkusiti.

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Ciate Paint Pots: Boudoir and Snatch, comparison

Ciate Paint Pots:Boudoir, Snatch, comparison

Since I love red nail polishes I hoarded a lot of them over the time. I’ve been going through my collection and found a lot of LE shades so I won’t be describing those. Together we’ll take a look at other red polishes. I hope you’ll enjoy the voyage. I was sure these two polishes were not alike. Well – ...

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Blue Nail Polishes Comparison


In one of my previous posts, I promised you comparison between my blue polishes. The only thing they have in common is that they’re all light blue. I compared following shades: – Ciate – Holiday Blues: the lightest in color, creme, very opaque, two layers, easy to apply. – S-he Stylezone – 399: I already wrote about wateriness of this ...

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Essie – Red Nouveau from Spring Collection

Essie - Red Nouveau

Yesterday was very gloomy day, so I had to do something cheerful. Gejba started debate about red polishes, so I followed her idea and reached for Essie Red Nouveau from Essie spring collection. This is one of the six polishes from Essie Spring Collection we already wrote about. I love red polishes. I find them to be elegant and feminine. ...

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Precision – Purple Hooter

I got Precision – Purple Hooter as a gift from Goga. Thank you Goga, I adore it. Precision – Purple Hooter, perfect violet color.   The polish is a little bit to thin, otherwise I had no problems with application. I used three layers. I just love the high shine of this polish. Shimmer is very finely milled and noticeable ...

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