Brlogarka is spoiling us again + GIVEAWAY

Brlogarka uhani ozadje

Every time I see new product from Brlogarka I feel I should just hand her my paycheck and be done with it. Cute miniatures are fantastic and thoughtful gift, but I must admit her jewelry is my weak spot. But which collection to choose, which color … I hear it all the time that I should pick something that goes ...

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Jewelry by Brlogarka

Brlogarka Amazonia fimo necklace

Brlogarka is Slovenian artist I have known for a long time now. First item I bought from her were this cute mini cakes and pies as key-chains. Everybody I gave them to as a gift absolutely loved them, not to mention that was years ago and they’re still in one piece. There is one issue though – I always crave ...

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Nail polish jewelry by Ginger Kitty Designs

Nail polish jewelry by Ginger Kitty Designs (bracelet with Clarins - 230)

Have you ever heard of jewelry made with nail polishes? Your favourite nail polish color in a ring, bracelet or necklace. Or just for fun a ring that is an exact match to your nails. Don’t you think that’s pretty cool?!? I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway, where I got a piece of jewelry of my choice ...

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FOTD: Simply orange (+ NOTD and my new ring)

Simple orange look by Maestra

Yesterday was a very lovely day. I spent the afternoon with my lovely Parokeets ladies and we had such a great time!!! Thank you ladies for everything! Lately I don’t wear much make up. Just a touch of bronzer and blush (they make a huge difference!!!), mascara and some lip gloss or lipstick. That’s it. But yesterday I wanted a ...

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Mine again (+ NOTD)

Lencia ring and manicure: H&M - You Rock My World + Barry M - crackle

The one and only ring that I have worn almost through the whole high school years. It’s mine again. Well not exactly that ring, but one just like it. The story is … My mother bought me this wonderful ring when I was in high school. I wore it everyday for a lot of years. I didn’t wear any other ...

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Favorite jewellery at the moment

Necklace with bows

There’s not a lot to say or write about the jewellery that I wear the most right now. Here are the photos … I’d like to add only one thing. These are all cheap items I bought in different stores. Is there anything you’d also wear? Or is my taste in jewellery strange?

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Fashion Accessories

Accessorie, Nakit home made

My new obsession are accessories. Mostly rings and necklaces. As you already know Maestra is very good at making all sorts of accessories. Well I’m not. First two were made by girl that works in the same company as I do. On my nails is H&M – Goddess on Stage Last two I bought in Muller. My favorite is the ...

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