Alessandro Adore Me: Luscious Brocade, Midnight Rebel, Baroque Underground

Alessandro Adore Me (preview)

Another brand that is lately coming up with cute limited editions is Alessandro. I love Adore Me LE they're bringing soon AND Freaky Neon LE looks promising. :thumb: The eccentric look reflects itself in...
Essence Miami Roller Girl TE

Essence Miami Roller Girl TE (swatch, review)

I made a pit stop in Muller just to pick up some milk and stumbled upon full Essence Miami Roller Girl TE. What is girl suppose to do if not buy all four nail...
Essence Colour Arts pigments

Essence Colour Arts pigments (swatches, review)

Sensitive and extremely oily skin really soured me on make up when I was younger. Really, what is the point spending 10+ minutes putting it on, just to have to either remove it because...
Essence Colour Arts pigments: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Preview: Essence Colour Arts TE

Uuu - Essence is bringing us pigments. :w00t: Here is what they have to say about Colour Arts TE: unlimited color, unlimited effects, unlimited looks! all creative beauty queens take note: from august 2012, essence...
Essence Snow White trend edition nail polishes

Review and swatches: Essence Snow White trend edition

Aaahhhh - my darling Maestra found full Essence Snow White trend edition stand so I have ALL Snow White nail polishes! :happy: I was scared that Snow White would be left without one of...
Catrice Coolibri LE

Review and swatches: Catrice Coolibri LE

Yay - Catrice Coolibri LE is finally here! I can not believe I was so lucky to find the full stand and could actually chose which products I wished to buy. In the end...
Alessandro Ice Cream Bar

Review and swatches: Alessandro Ice Cream Bar LE

If you love scented nail polishes and hand creams, then latest Alessandro limited edition called Ice Cream Bar is something you should check out. You can choose from 4 different scents (matching ones...