Limited Edition

Preview: Catrice Coolibri LE

Catrice Coolibri LE nail polishes preview

I can’t remember when was the last time I was so exited over new Catrice limited edition as I’m over Coolibri LE. Everything looks really tempting and majority of the collection ended up on my wish list. Fantastic and full of color – it beats its small, powerful wings enthusiastically and hovers above the blossoms of gorgeous exotic flowers: the ...

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Preview: spring goodies from Alessandro, Jessica …

Parokeet news April 2012 - Alessandro Watch Me

A lot of interesting and pretty products is either already out or coming soon to our stores. Let’s take a look at four groups that cough my eye. Alessandro’s newest limited edition Watch Me will be showcasing Earth colours which take you back to nature, with a hint of the mysterious Orient and the mystic spirit of the bazaars of ...

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Preview: Essence Snow White TE

Essence Snow White TE - nail polishes

Awww – Essence teamed up with Disney for the June trend edition and called it Snow White. And on top of it, it’s one of “nail” editions. Mirror, mirror on the wall… these words conjure-up wonderful fantasies of enchanted forests, a prince and the greatest love of all… but what was the story behind that famous line again? In collaboration ...

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Notice: newest Essence TE

I checked on-line to find more info on newest Essence edition and couldn’t find anything. Until I get confirmation that it’s really OK to release the info, I’ll be suspending the post. Essence can be pretty protective of their info and in case there was some kind of communication error … I’ll rather be safe than sorry. I’ll let you ...

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Review and swatches: Essence Season of Extremes TE

Essence Season of Extremes TE nail polishes

I hate it when this happens – huge limited edition full of nail polishes that I have to have … but no time to swatch everything. This time – Essence Season Of Extremes TE is culprit for my dilemma. This limited edition is roughly divided into 4 sections … and I bought at least one from each category. 1) Single ...

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Jessica – Heavy Petal (bottles)

Jessica Heavy Petal group

Promo photos of Jessica Heavy Petal collection showed hints of possibly very interesting shimmer, so I asked our distributors if I could take close up photos of the new shades when the came in … they agreed. Unfortunately I only have bottle close up photos for you … I didn’t see testers and forgot to ask if they have them ...

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