IsaDora Riviera collection (spring 2016)

IsaDora Riviera: mat lips and sparkly eyes

IsaDora Riviera is one of the best surprises among 2016 spring editions. Mat lips, velvet nails and sparkly eyes are bit unusual combination but one that works. Twist-Up Matt lips come in a form of...
Autumn purple lipsticks

Faithful autumn companions

I wanted to finish up my make-up with deep purple lipstick and couldn't find single one in my lipstick organizer. Where in the world did they all disappear to?!? After searching all around the...
Sleek Rioja Red lip cream applicator

Sleek Matte Me Rioja Red lip cream

Sleek Matte Me Rioja Red has been one of my favorite red lip products for a while now. I do have to admit I have to share it with my now 15 month old...
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 05 Candy Shimmer packaging

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – 05 Candy Shimmer

One thing that you recommended to me from Clarins again and again were their Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. Today I had few spare minutes and decided to check them out. Guess what -...
Bourjois: Red Island, Kaki Cheri

Bourjois Kaki Cheri and Red Island

I must admit I usually adore Bourjois products and they're definitively one of my favorite drugstore brands but this time I loved one product and did not like the other. Couple of days ago...
Illamasqua The Sacred Hour package

Illamasqua The Sacred Hour collection

It's always a joy to open one of imaginative Illamasqua packages - straw, amethyst like stones and lavender (OK - I didn't like the smell of lavender, but it did look nice
Fat lip pencils - Clinique, Isadora

Chubby/fat lip pencils available in Slovenia

I'm on warpath to collect at least some of the more interesting chubby lip products. I generally find them easy to use and as I'm revamping my collection ... But I didn't...
Catrice Matchpoint haul

Catrice Matchpoint LE lip balm tint, eyeshadow base

In the end, I only bought 2 products from Catrice Matchpoint LE. I saw no testers for blushes and even though I wanted to buy both Lip Balm Tints, all but one were already...

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