Essence – Creamylicious TE part 2

Essence Creamylicious Bronzing Powder

In second part of Essence Creamylicios Trend Edition, will be presenting you bronzer, eyeshadows, lip glosses and eyeliners. As in the first part corresponding comment to each picture was written by the same Parokeet that took the photo. Essence Creamylicious Bronzing Powder Bronzer is very nice and not as shimmery as I was afraid it would be. I could not ...

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Wet N Wild – nail polishes and speed glosses

Wet N Wild - Pretty In Pink over Reckless Nude

Today I have some Wet N Wild things for you. I’ll start with the two lip glosses from the Speed Gloss line. On their web site it says… Fuel your lips with a fusion of natural, energy-boosting ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Guarana, Acai and Vitamin E. These highly-concentrated antioxidants and revitalizing botanicals rejuvenate and condition lips for a healthy dose ...

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Essence – Summer Of Love TE part 1

L:Always Hippie;D:Summer of 69

Last week Summer Of Love TE greeted us on Essence stands. Today, you’ll meet first part of our new hippie friends. My favorite in this collection is Always Hippie nail polish. I had lots a problems with bubbling, but the color is gorgeous. I tried it over different base coats, but nothing helped. Weird thing is, I already had it ...

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Essence – Down On The Beach

Essence - Down On The Beach gloss

I bought two waterproof eyeshadows from Essence Down On The Beach TE. White one I borrowed from Goga. One of the things I like the most about these eyeshadows, is their packaging. You get 7 ml (0.2 fl.oz.) of product in a hygienic tube. You squeeze out the needed amount, then apply eyeshadow with fingers or brush. I used Stargazer ...

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OMG… Dark Dudes!

Dark Dudes

Popolnoma so me očarali ti posebneži. Dark Dudes… Ne res, nevarni so kot strela! Danes sem šla v Müller samo po obesek za mobitel. Aham… Z menoj je šlo vse to… Obesek za mobitel in priponki… Cena: 2,95€ za obesek in 1,95€ za priponki. Lip gloss Bloody Lips z vonjem borovnic. Cena: 2,95€. Gloss je popolnoma brez bleščic. Vonj je ...

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NYX Mega Shine Gloss – Orchid

Na ustnicah slikan z bliskavico

Kot obljubljeno predstavljam še en NYX gloss v odtenku Orchid. Kot sem že omenila v prejšnjem postu o NYX lip glossu Sweet Heart, je tudi ta gloss dišeč in precej obstojen. Meni ne izsuši ustnic, čeprav se pod njim ne namažem z nobenim balzamom. Odtenek Orchid je precej temen odtenek, kar me je kar malo presenetilo, ko sem ga prvič ...

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NYX Mega Shine Gloss – Sweet Heart

Na ustnicah - slikano z bliskavico

Ena mojih zadnjih pridobitev sta NYX lip glossa v odtenku Sweet Heart in Orchid, ki pa ga bom predstavila v naslednjem postu. Če se še spomnite pri mojem postu o Essence lip glossih, sem omenila, da obožujem njihov gloss v odtenku Toffee. No, tega odtenka ni več in so ga zamenjali z drugim – Glamour to go. Mislim pa, da ...

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