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Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks

Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks by Parokeets

Goga and I finally had one our wishes fulfilled when I visited Austria and was able to buy new Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks. First off I made swatches of all five shades on my hand … just to give you general fell of these lipsticks. From left to right: Pinker-bell, Lovely Lilac, Ginger & Fred. Ginger & Fred was tricky ...

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MAC lipstick swatches

MAC lipsticks: Strawbaby, Violetta, Saint Germain

Last three lipsticks from my haul are MAC ones: Fafi – Strawbaby, Violetta and Saint Germain. Strawbaby is one from Fafi LE. It’s interesting because it has blue and green shimmer. Saint Germain pink and very pigmented lipstick. It needs to be blended with brush (why?.. you can see it on pic below ). My favorite from this bunch is ...

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MAC lipstick Violetta

MAC lipstick Violetta

This beauty deserves a special post. This lipstick was on my wish list for a long long time. And finally about a month ago (with coopeation with Gejba) I found Violetta on ebay for 20€. For someone it is maybe too much €, but I really love it and wear it almost every day. At fist sight it looks scary ...

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Artdeco – Coral Kisses collection (review and swatches)

Artdeco - Coral Kisses (spring/summer 2011): Perfect Color Lipstick - 36 Pink Thistle, High Performance Lipsticks - 433 Corn Poppy

I spotted the new Artdeco collection called Coral Kisses in a store nearby. The name of the collection explains it all. Coral shade and lips. If I’m not mistaken, there were six different shades of lipsticks in three different formulas. I also remember two shades of lip liners, four shades of eyeshadows and a blush. I’m sure there were some ...

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Lipsticks: Manhattan, Essence and Golden Rose – swatch

Golden Rose, Manhattan, Essence

Few of our dear readers had a request for Manhattan and Essence lipstick swatch. I added Golden Rose because lately it is one of my favorite.  Golden Rose #94 Manhattan – perfect creamy & care #56 I Essence #42 Fairytale Which one is your favorite? I must say that at the moment my favorite is from Golden Rose. Lately I ...

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I got some new lip stuff :)

Lip gloss

I just took a quick of my new lip stuff (haul, swap and some of them I got from my two girls Gejba and Maestra ). Lipsticks: Golden Rose #94 Manhattan – perfect creamy & care #561 Essence #42 Fairytale MAC – Fafi LE – Strawbaby MAC – Violetta MAC – Saint Germain Lip glosses: DIOR Addict ultra gloss reflect ...

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Illamasqua Throb collection: Throb, Sangers (swatches)

Illamasqua Throb collection: Throb (nail varnish), Sangers (lipstick)

First Illamasqua’s collection for this year is already here! They launched it in celebration of Saint Valentine and named it Throb. Collection is already available on their web site and consists of: nail polishes: Throb, Scorn, Load (~16 EUR); lipstick: Sangers (~18 EUR); intense lipgloss: Succubus (~15,5 EUR). I do not care much about Valentine’s Day, but red color … ...

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