French manicure

Catrice No Snow Petrol with glittery french manicure

Catrice No Snow Petrol

I bought Catrice No Snow Petrol nail polish as soon as it arrived in the stores, but this is the first time (that I remember ) I had it on as full manicure. Color is simply gorgeous – tealish base with blue shimmer. Application was nothing special, formula is on the thicker side and if I were to use thicker ...

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Pink Challenge: Day 4 by Gejba

Essence Love This City - pink challenge 04

I’m really busy today so I prepared super fast manicure for the Day 4 of the Pink Challenge. My manicure was inspired with Maestra’s Day 3 mani. As I already commented on her post, I started doing “French manicure” couple of times … but I never actually done it. My pink polish (Essence Love This City) served as a base. ...

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Pink Challenge: Day 3 by Maestra

French manicure: Pink Challenge Day 2: Essie - Knockout Pout + Color Club - Hot Couture by Maestra

Third day of the Pink Challenge, which means third pink manicure. I decided that I really want to challenge myself and do different techniques and not just stamping or just crackle polish or just layering … which would be quite easy for me to do. I was really lazy in the past few moths and didn’t do much nail art. ...

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Essence: new products – polishes (fall 2010)

Essence: new polishes (fall 2010)

Fall has come and with it time for another Essence product change. Some of the products are no longer available and lots of new ones will soon hit the shelves. We received few of the new products to test from our Essence distributor. Photos of all the products we got are edited and joined in Youtube video (it’s available in ...

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French manicure with blue bows

Rival de Loop - Touch Of Pink and a ring

Can you believe, that I’m wearing a french manicure today? I don’t know what hit me, but it did. I wanted to experiment a bit. I started with one coat of Essence – Pro White base coat, which is tinted a bit purple and that’s why your nails look a bit whiter when painted with this base coat. I use ...

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Catrice and Deborah joined in french manicure

Catrice Jewelled White, Deborah Shine Tech št. 02

Couple of photos ended up in my “Hall of Shame” folder and were never published. I’m in good mood today so I’m going to show you one of them. I can’t say its ugly manicure, just unrefined … and I don’t like French manicures that much. I used Deborah Shine Tech polish no. 02 for a base and Catrice Jewelled ...

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