Revlon Charming nail polish + stamping

Revlon Charming nail polish

One of the questions I was asked few times over the almost 5 years since this blog exists was why don’t we write more about Revlon. Since this is one of the top drugstore brands in the world. My answer was always the same – Revlon in Slovenia got stuck in time. We got nothing new or it took years ...

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New Essence image plates (spring 2013)

New Essence image plates (spring 2013)

I was browsing through Essence stands couple of weeks ago and spotted 2 new image plates. I could not find other two anywhere … I’m assuming there are 4 of them as they usually bring them out. I spotted the third one few timed on beauty blogs, but never really saw 4th one. Does anybody have it? How does it ...

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Woman’s Day manicure

Alessandro Sunny Glow, BM 224, Catrice Virgin Forest

I don’t celebrate many “holidays”, but International Woman’s Day is one that I always remember and reflect upon. I guess it is just something that comes from all the literature I read about subject and being aware of all the suffering and lives lost so we could have basic rights. To me 8th of March is special day and I ...

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New Year’s Eve manicure … in the neutral range

China Glaze Moonlight, Catrice, Goldfinger, Essence image plate, Kiko 274 products

Happy New Year!!! Can’t say I’m the “New Year’s resolutions” kind of person but I decided that 2013 will be my year, but you’re all welcome to share it with me. I would say that it just can’t go lower than 2012, but you know what would happen in that case, right? I spent New Year’s Eve at home with ...

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Christmas manicure and greetings

Christmas tree manicure nail polishes used

A lot of Christmas manicures raced through my mind, but in the end I decided to make glitter red manicure with snowman as an accent. But unfortunately my snowman looked more like glitter blob, so I removed it and made Christmas tree with scotch tape instead. I used Illamasqua Throb as my base nail polish – one of my favorite ...

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Catrice George Blueney and friends manicure

Catrice haul fall 2012 assortment change

Rain, snow, flood alerts – not my kind of a weather. So I pulled out swatches from one of my August play sessions with new Catrice nail polishes to remind me of sun, sea and shot sleeves. Catrice George Blueney is for me personally the prettiest nail polish among their new fall 2012 shades. Gorgeous dark blue shimmery shade that ...

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New Essence image plates (fall 2012)

New Essence stamping plates fall 2012

I was not expecting new Essence image plates, so I was doubly pleased when I spotted them in the stores. So far I managed to find 4 different ones (2 different ones carried identical name ), but I’m guessing that is it … if you find any others, do let me know. Quality of all 4 Essence image plates is ...

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