Nail polish removers

Bourjois 10 days: #11 and #18


A while ago I bought two Bourjois polishes from their new Bourjois 10 days line. I chose 11 and 18 shades. They’re suppose to last 10 day. Well, on my nails they last as long as average polish does. But I don’t buy polishes because of their staying power anyway – the color is what does it for me. Bourjois ...

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Shopping in Tallinn and in Slovakia

Nfu-Oh Opal Series by parokeets

As I mentioned HERE: That is all I bought … in Finland. Estonia and Slovakia hauls are coming soon. And trust me – I really went overboard. I’ll let photos tell you the whole story, but I can tell you that I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Part of Nfu Oh polishes I bought. On our way to the north ...

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Nfu-Oh Nail Polishes 282 and 50


Nfu-Oh flakies are something special in my collection – I don’t have anything similar jet. Well, Essence Glisten Up! does have flakies, but they’re more shy kind. (Last bottle is not polish but Flower Oil Lavander.) This time I have for you combination of two Nfu-Oh polishes: 282 and 50. I used Nfu-Oh #282 for a base coat. I loved ...

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OPI – Mad as a Hatter & Absolutely Alice

OPI - Absolutely Alice

I know, you’ve already seen them both at least thousand times, but anyway … Here they are … like it or not. I have no idea, how could Mad as a Hatter win so many hearts. I mean, I love it too, but it’s such a confetti and carnival polish. It is full of multicolored glitter in a clear base. ...

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Na testu: Zoya – Minicure: Color-Lock System in Roxy

Takoj po nanosu.

Po dolgem oklevanju in prepričevanju same sebe, sem se včeraj zvečer odločila, da se podam mučnim dnevom naproti. Odločila sem se namreč, da preizkusim obstojnost lakov Zoya z njihovim Color-Lock System v Minicure izvedbi. V kompletu je pet izdelkov v mini izvedbi: Remove+ (odstranjevalec laka za nohte, ki vsebuje aceton) Anchor (podlak) Armor (nadlak z UV zaščito) Hurry Up (oljne ...

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Sante – Odstranjevalec laka z bio oljem pomaranče

Sante - Odstranjevalec laka z bio oljem pomaranče

Še nedolgo nazaj, je bil moj najljubši odstranjevalec laka Afroditin Aroma oljni odstranjevalec laka za nohte brez acetona. Potem mi je pa kar naenkrat začel tako grozno smrdeti, da ga nisem mogla več niti videti, kaj šele uporabljati. Po Maestrinem in Natijinem priporočilu, sem se odločila za  Sante – Odstranjevalec laka z bio oljem pomaranče. V Mullerju sem zanj odštela ...

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