Collistar Mint Milk nail polish (Capri LE preview)

Collistar Capri LE - MintMilk nail polish bottle

As you know, Maestra and I started a huge project. We’ll be testing bunch of lighter toned liquid foundations and writing ton of reviews … I’m already sweeting. We went on a scouting mission to one of our stores and while I was busy writing a list of possible candidates, Maestra was doing recon of new LE’s. When she hit ...

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Review and swatches: Essence Colour3 – 6 duo nail polishes

Essence Colour3 nail polish duos (new)

The most votes in Essence poll went to new Colour³ nail polish duos. I guess you really like them as they were way ahead of new Essence magnetic nail polishes. Essence launched 6 duo nail polishes in their Colour3 line (3 as three different shades – base, layering and combination of both). Design is similar as in Circus, Circus TE. ...

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Catrice King Of Greens

Catrice King Of Greens bottle

Those of you who are following my YouTube channel already know from my haul video that I bought few of the new Catrice nail polishes. I guess it’s not really surprising that the green shade was the first one I tried out. Catrice King Of Greens is just enough light and yellowish for me to love it. If it were ...

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p2 – Good Luck!

Swatch: p2 - color victim: 601 Good Luck!

I got this polish as a gift from my dear friend Gejba. She is awesome. She is such a great friend. She knows exactly what colors I like and knows exactly what do I need to cheer me up. Thank you Gejba for being such a great friend! p2 – Good Luck! is an army green polish with creme finish. ...

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Essence Trust In Fashion + Impala Paz e Amor

Essence Trust In Fashion + Impala Paz e Amor bottles

I’m in heavy holo&flakie mood. Every second manicure is either holo or with flakies. I was eying my untrieds shelf and thinking that Essence/Catrice assortment change is at the door so I better try out shades from the last one. I picked Essence Trust In Fashion as a base. Name is soooo not me as I never follow fashion. Even ...

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NOTD: Icing – Peacock

Swatch: Icing - Peacock

While cleaning the flat and reorganizing my stash, I came across all the beautiful polishes I bought in the States. Memories memories … Because my nails were in desperate need of a new manicure I decided to paint my nails with a beautiful and interesting polish (bought in America of course). It’s called Peacock and it’s by Icing. It’s green ...

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