Silver and white

KOTD with Essence – Top Of The Ice-Stream (Snow Jam TE)

Essence Snow Jam TE - Top Of The Ice-Stream with Konad m14, m56, m59

I stumbled across two new trend editions by Essence the other day. One being the Snow Jam and the other Vintage District Trend Edition. In the Snow Jam TE the white nail polish with an interesting blue shimmer caught my eyes and in the Vintage District the grey nail polish with a purple shimmer was the most interesting to me. ...

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Delia Cosmetics Coral Prosilk nail polishes (swatches)

Swatch: Eveline Coral Prosilk nail enamel - Las Vegas - 500

My first Eveline Delia Cosmetics nail polishes. They are from the Coral Prosilk line. Eveline Delia Cosmetics 88 is a sheer milky polish with beautiful silver shimmer. It is sheer but buildable. I think I will wear with two coats. Eveline Delia Cosmetics 98 is a beautiful dark purple. I love the color. The application was easy. I found the ...

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Review and swatches: Jessica Hologram Chic set

Jessica Hologram Chic set

I was researching Jessica Smoky Feather nail polish, when I bumped into Jessica Hologram Chic set. Hologram? Set? I need to know more. I became totally obsessed with this set and sent out bunch of emails to see where could I buy it. Guess what – it was sold out and our importer did not have this limited edition set. ...

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Pink Challenge: Day 3 by Maestra

French manicure: Pink Challenge Day 2: Essie - Knockout Pout + Color Club - Hot Couture by Maestra

Third day of the Pink Challenge, which means third pink manicure. I decided that I really want to challenge myself and do different techniques and not just stamping or just crackle polish or just layering … which would be quite easy for me to do. I was really lazy in the past few moths and didn’t do much nail art. ...

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Review and swatches: Essence – I Love TE

New Trend Edition by Essence is called I Love. What’s cool about this trend edition is that it’s a preview of what’s coming. Namely from September 2011, these products will be part of the Essence standard range. Here’s what I bought. Colour & Go polishes in shades: 76 – Hard To Resist – dark blue with turquoise shimmer. 80 – ...

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NOTD: Ice Queen konadicure

Ice Queen konadicure: Essence - Hello Holo and Konad IP m63 with Konad Special Polish in White Pearl

Some of you have noticed my manicure in my Essence – 50’s Girls Reloaded review video and asked me about it. So here it is. (Please excuse my yellow stained nails. ) And because I’m obviously into recording videos right now, why don’t I publish another one, right? I think the video shows this sparkly konadicure best. I named the ...

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Review and swatches: Essence – 50’s Girls Reloaded

Essence - 50's Girls Reloaded: eyeshadow brush and translucent loose powder

Essence – 50’s Girls Reloaded. New trend edition, new review. Here we go. I was curious how the eyeshadow brush is going to be. I didn’t expect much and I think I didn’t get much either. First off, the brush is soft and it’s not dense. When I washed it, it shedded a bit too much for my liking. When ...

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