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Stamping with crackle nail polishes?

Collistar Borgogna Anna, Flormar graffiti G10, Mo You London Pro Collection XL - 12 plate

I had beautiful Collistar Borgogna Anna nail polish on my nails and was just itching to stamp something over it. I love gold over deep purple, but didn’t have single gold nail polish in the apartment that I could stamp with. In fact, I only had one gold nail polish period – Flormaf Graffiti G10. Ermm – stamping with crackle ...

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Alessandro Royal Stars silver and duochrome nail polish

Alessandro Royal Stars - Fabulous Jewel nail polish on bag

Sorry Silver Surfer, but Fabulous Jewel was my favorite from Royal Stars limited edition. This little baby is duochrome with gold, copperish and green tones and I adore the reddish or magenta (I know, world of difference but I sometimes see one and sometimes other ) sparkle in bright or artificial light aka when I’m washing my hands in bathroom. ...

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Alessandro Viva La Diva LE – Portland Dream top coat

Alessandro Viva La Diva - Portland Dream top coat bottle

I can honestly say this is the funkiest shade that Alessandro launched lately. It reminds me of candies, summer and carefree days of the youth. I’m talking about Alessandro Viva La Diva LE – Portland Dream top coat of course. Whole Viva La Diva collection is breezy and summer-like, but Portland Dream is the love or hate nail polish from ...

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Bourjois Vampire Vanity topper

Bourjois Vampire Vanity nail polish

The moment I saw first swatches of Bourjois Vampire Vanity topper, I was hooked. It simply had to be mine. First I looked in DM stores, but could not find this shade so I put it on my Muller shopping list and was lucky enough to catch it. I am happy to report that this topper is as pretty on ...

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Essence Superheroes holo and thermo nail polishes

Essence Superheroes

Can you believe that I managed to stumble upon almost full stand of Essence Superheroes limited edition while buying diapers? I really liked the holographic and thermo effect nail polishes so I picked up those two. Essence Super, Man! holo effect is my favorite of the two. Easy application, strong silver base and lots of holographic glitter. What’s not to ...

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Depend 040, 041, 058 nail polishes

Depend 040, 041, 058 nail polishes

Long time ago I received 3 nail polishes from Depend. I won’t even tell you how long it took me to swatch these 3 small beauties. If only I disliked the shades, I wouldn’t feel as bad about my slowness, but as that is not he case … These are the 3 nail polishes I finally wore and swatched. Creme ...

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S-he 008 flakie nail polish

S-he 008 flakie nail polish swatch

I would really like to tell you that S-he Stylezone 008 nail polish looks as good on nails as it does in the bottle, but sadly that is not the case. Just look at the bottle and all those gorgeous duo-chrome flakies. Simply to drool for. Then I started to apply (I used Catrice Shopping Day At Bluemingdales as a ...

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