Stamping with crackle nail polishes?

Collistar Borgogna Anna, Flormar graffiti G10, Mo You London Pro Collection XL - 12 plate

I had beautiful Collistar Borgogna Anna nail polish on my nails and was just itching to stamp something over it. I love gold over deep purple, but didn’t have single gold nail polish in the apartment that I could stamp with. In fact, I only had one gold nail polish period – Flormaf Graffiti G10. Ermm – stamping with crackle ...

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Inglot matte palette and OPI Black Spotted haul

OPI Black Spotted

Thanks to Saša and two of her friends I was finally able to get my claws onto 2 things from my WL … and these two were very high up. Thank you, girls. I’m currently in 7th heaven while arranging eyeshadows in my long anticipated Inglot palette with all neural/nude matte eyeshadows … … and playing with OPI Black Spotted ...

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Depend 202, 228, 218, 5000 nail polish swatches

Depend 202, 228, 218, 5000 nail polishes

You already had a chance to meet Depend nail polishes on our blog … and we own even more but they’re still on to be swatched shelf or to be publishes folder … depending on which Parokeet lady you are talking to. Majority of Depend nail polishes comes with good formula, staying power and pigmentation. The only thing that bugs ...

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LCN Crackle finish nail polishes

LCN crackle nail polishes

I already showed you LCN Magnetic nail polishes I picked up in Slovenian LCN store. Today I have for you swatches of 3 out of 5 LCN crackle polishes I bought at the same time. I hope these are still sold. I already tried out all of them, but made swatches only for 3 shades. I liked all 5 crackle ...

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Preview: Alessandro Go Magic! Metallic Crash

Preview: Alessandro Metallic Crash

Alessandro is coming out with their third generation of crackles. First there were Royal Crash and Wild Crash followed by Croco Glam. The third version in called Metallic Crash. Metallic Crash crackles are similar to first generation with one exception – crackles have shimmery/metallic and not creme finish. Again they’re releasing crackles in set with base coat and top coat. ...

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Alessandro Go Magic! Crash Coat

Alessandro Go Magic! Crash Coat swatch

This is one product you probably heard me mention quite a few times. I bought black Alessandro Go Magic! Crash Coat as part of the as part of the Royal Crash set almost a year ago and it is still my favorite black crackle … in category “huge cracks”. I bought few other black crackles in the meanwhile, but I ...

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Review and swatches: Alessandro Croco Glam LE

Alessandro Croco Glam LE gold-black

I’m one of those polish-holics that is still not tired of crackles, so I had lots of fun playing with Alessandro Go Magic! Croco Glam LE gold/black set. Each set consists of three 5ml mini polishes – croco base, croco coat and top coat. So far I already wore this combination twice as full manicure and you can see in ...

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