NOTD: Icing – Peacock

Swatch: Icing - Peacock

While cleaning the flat and reorganizing my stash, I came across all the beautiful polishes I bought in the States. Memories memories … Because my nails were in desperate need of a new manicure I decided to paint my nails with a beautiful and interesting polish (bought in America of course). It’s called Peacock and it’s by Icing. It’s green ...

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Essence: In Style + Crack Me! Silver

Essence: In Style + Crack Me! Silver swatch by Parokeets

Catrice stands are still not available in our capital, so I consoled myself with few new Essence nail polishes. The shade that immediately ought my eye was Essence In Style. It looks like blue-green-purple duochrome in the bottle, but purple pretty much vanished when I applied it onto the nails. But it’s still pretty color. Brush strokes are a little ...

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Review and swatches: Essence – 50’s Girls Reloaded

Essence - 50's Girls Reloaded: eyeshadow brush and translucent loose powder

Essence – 50’s Girls Reloaded. New trend edition, new review. Here we go. I was curious how the eyeshadow brush is going to be. I didn’t expect much and I think I didn’t get much either. First off, the brush is soft and it’s not dense. When I washed it, it shedded a bit too much for my liking. When ...

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Purple shades of Deborah Pret A Porter Collection

Deborah Pret A Porter: Lilac Seduction, Iris Bon Bon, '70 Grape Sweater

Even thou Gejba already mentioned Deborah Pret A Porter Collection in her post and movie, I had to show you swatches of my favorite Pret A Porter polishes one more time… I’m talking about purple ones of course. Lilac Seduction no.32 had biggest potential. It reminded me a lot of old She 375. I used 3 thin layers. I was ...

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Flormar Plus Quartz 060

Flormar Plus Quartz 060 swatch

Quick post with ancient photos. Good thing that I write down my observations immediately … otherwise I’m not sure what would I remember about polish I wore a year ago. Flormar Plus Quartz 060 was not very memorable polish for me – coolish violet color, streaky … I used 2 coats and added the third one on my middle finger. ...

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