Inglot Nail Polishes: 641, 646, 709 and 723

Inglot: Matte collection; O2M nail polish swatch

I think it is safe to say that Inglot offers wide variety of nail polishes. They’re divided in two groups: regular ones and improved O2M version. Inglot O2M #641 is frosty violet shade. The only downside are visible brush strokes, but as it is seen only on macro shoots it doesn’t bother me that much. I used 2 layers, no ...

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Inspirational make up: Illamasqua – Toxic Nature

Inspirational make up: Illamasqua - Toxic Nature by Maestra

May I say that people at Illamasqua are crazy!!! Of course I mean this in the best possible way. Creative masterminds! Just looks at their promo photos and you’ll know what I mean. One collection (as a whole) is better than the other. And promo photos are getting better and better. I love their concept! They think of every single ...

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Magnetic Nail Polishes, swatches


Today I have for you swatches of Magnetic polishes. I already showed you bottles HERE. To see larger photo click on the image. Polishes are presented in the same order in all the photos. I used 2 coats, no problem with application. – Rising Sun: red shade with orange or gold shimmer. – Shimmering Titanium: looked like it could be ...

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More Essie polishes

Swatch: Essie - Body Language

I found some unpublished photos of Essie nail polishes on my hard disk and I thought I’ll post them today. Body Language – 2 coats. Very nice beige shade. Love it! St. Martin Mint – 2 or 3 coats. A bit sheer and streaky, but gorgeous light green with yellow undertones. Neo Whimsical – 3 coats (streaky) Peach Daiquiri – ...

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Comparison: Essence – Underwater new vs. old version

Essence - Colour & Go: Underwater - new vs. old

While I was checking if the new Essence stuff was already available in our local drugstore, something caught my eyes. There was a beautiful Colour&Go polish, which was dark blue with a hint of grey and with gorgeous tiny blue flakies on the shelf. I grabbed it to check the name of it … Underwater. I was like: “What? Doesn’t ...

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Rescue Beauty Lounge – Moxie

Swatch: Rescue Beauty Lounge - Moxie

What a beautiful shade! It looks stunning with darker skin. Although it's frosty and a bit sheer, I think it's divine. Love it!Oh, kakšen lep odtenek! Čudoviti izgleda v kombinaciji s temnejšo poltjo. Čeprav je malenkost frosty in po vrhu še rahlo prosojen, je božanski! Čudovit!

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