Color Club Wild At Heart goes matte

Color Club - Wild At Heart + Essie Matte About You

After seeing  Color Club Wild At Heart swatch, our reader Purple_rain wondered how would this purple holo polish looked like in matte version. Just for Purple_rain – Wild At Heart + Essie Matte About You: I used two layers of Wild At Heart and one layer of matte top coat. So – which one do you prefer – shiny holo ...

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Swatch and review: Deborah Sense Tech 100% Mat collection

Bottles: Deborah - Sense Tech 100% Mat

I was very surprised to see a stand full of matte polishes from Deborah at a local store. The surprise was twofold. First to see a matte collection at a local store. No way. And second, Deborah joined the matte club?!? A little late but I’m pleasantly surprised anyway. There are six different shades in the collection but I grabbed ...

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Maestra’s purple world …


Purple, purple, purple … EOTD with EyeMajic – shade 9 and Catrice – Metallic Violet eyeliner from their new limited edition called Pastel Delight. Make up looks very soft in the picture. Well, it was soft IRL, maybe even too soft for my taste. But I compensated the look with a great and bolder NOTD. Color Club – Pucci-licious from ...

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Pimp the Wagon Trail + EOTD

Sweetscents: Myst, Olive Branch, Fancy; EDM: Aussie Perk Me Up

As I said in my previous post, I was a bit disappointed in Wagon Trail, that’s why I decided to pimp it up with a bit of bling. Golden Dream is a clear polish with tiny gold flakes. If worn alone it’s completely sheer, but it’s ideal as a shimmery top coat. There’s one coat of Golden Dream over Wagon ...

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Comparison: Misa – Toxic Seduction vs. Zoya – Veruschka

Misa - Toxic Seduction vs. Zoya - Veruschka

You’ve already seen both shades in my previous posts. Today I have a comparison for you. Both shades are gorgeous and both are dark green. The main difference between them is that Veruschka has matte finish while Toxic Seduction has glossy finish. But when you add glossy top coat to Veruschka you get a deep green sparkly goddess. Seriously, it’s ...

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Veruschka with dragons

Zoya - Veruschka

Ljubljana Dragon didn’t allow me to manicure it’s claws, so I did mine instead … Zoya did a great job with the Matte Velvet Winter Collection. I already showed you the beautiful purple Savita. Today I have another beauty from the same collection for you. It’s a gorgeous green called Veruschka. The application was good, but you should hurry a ...

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