Nfu-Oh Neon Nail Polish: 214, 230, 231 and 244


Seeing all the lovely cheerful colors all around me, reminded me that I still haven’t published my Nfu-Oh Neon Series nail polish swatches. I bought them couple of years ago with bunch of other Nfu-Oh nail polishes in Tallinn. I love Nfu-Oh bottles and polishes hiding inside them. Neon series is just the thing for summer manicures. The only thing ...

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Review and swatches: Essence Season of Extremes TE

Essence Season of Extremes TE nail polishes

I hate it when this happens – huge limited edition full of nail polishes that I have to have … but no time to swatch everything. This time – Essence Season Of Extremes TE is culprit for my dilemma. This limited edition is roughly divided into 4 sections … and I bought at least one from each category. 1) Single ...

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Pink Challenge: Day 7 by Maestra

Pink Challenge: Day 2 Essie - Knockout Pout by Maestra

For my last pink manicure I wanted to create something that I would actually like and wear. That means that there isn’t a lot of pink involved. Finally here is my seventh pink manicure. This was actually my second attempt. Yesterday I created something that I didn’t like at all and I wasn’t in the mood to do another pink ...

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Pink Challenge: Day 3 by Maestra

French manicure: Pink Challenge Day 2: Essie - Knockout Pout + Color Club - Hot Couture by Maestra

Third day of the Pink Challenge, which means third pink manicure. I decided that I really want to challenge myself and do different techniques and not just stamping or just crackle polish or just layering … which would be quite easy for me to do. I was really lazy in the past few moths and didn’t do much nail art. ...

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Pink Challenge: Day 2 by Maestra

Pink Challenge Day 2: Essie - Knockout Pout + Konad - m9, m16, m77 by Maestra

I have the second manicure for the Pink Challenge for you. I wanted to do a super girly, sparkly and over the top manicure. Something I wouldn’t normally wear. Here it is. I used Essie’s Knockout Pout polish as a base and than I stamped over it with a black stamping polish. I used Konad m9, m16 and m77 image ...

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Pink Challenge: Day 1 by Maestra

Pink Challenge Day 1: Essie - Knockout Pout by Maestra

As you may know Gejba and I are joining the Pink Challenge that was started by Caroline. Pink is easily the worst colour possible for me as I really really don’t like wearing pink polishes. And now really isn’t the best time for me to wear pink polish as I’m still sad and need cheering up and not some yucky ...

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Shopping in Tallinn and in Slovakia

Nfu-Oh Opal Series by parokeets

As I mentioned HERE: That is all I bought … in Finland. Estonia and Slovakia hauls are coming soon. And trust me – I really went overboard. I’ll let photos tell you the whole story, but I can tell you that I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Part of Nfu Oh polishes I bought. On our way to the north ...

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