Valentine’s manicure

Essence - Arctic Lights - Ice Sparkle

I know, I know… Everybody already knows, that it is Valentines day. It’s like almost every other holiday. Too comercialised, but OK. It’s a day when you should tell your beloved person that you love him or her. It’s a day when a man should buy a red rose to his girlfriend. It is also a day when you should ...

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It’s time for clubbing

Sweetscents: Spearmint Glow - Shamrock - Black Shimmer - Satin Slipper

Today I have some sugestions for “clubbing appropriate” make-up and nail polishes. First is the green make-up… For this make-up I used NYX’s Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in shade Dark Brown as eyeshadow base. It is creme dark brown shade. Than I applied Sweetscents mineral eyeshadows: Green Ice, Spearmint Glow, Shamrock, Black Shimmer and Satin Slipper. Next one is the Creative ...

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Essence week: Groovy Obsession… That’s Life!

Essence - Groovy

Yesterday I mentioned that there is going to be a color themed week. As you probably figured out, the theme is Essence… Essence is a low-price cosmetics, which is sold in drugstores. The prices are really affordable and suitable for every pocket. The quality is good for that price and sometimes is even better than the quality of some more ...

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