Depend – Holographic nail polishes (swatches, review)

Comparison: Depend - Sand Grey (2026) vs. Color Club - Love 'em, Leave 'em

Finally some nice variety of holographic nail polishes even in our drugstores! Yes, that’s right, there’s nice holographic nail polishes available in drugstores for reasonable price. And they come in 12 different shades! I’m talking about Depend Holographic nail polishes. Gejba and me went on a hunt and bought a couple of them. Let me introduce you my rainbow polishes. ...

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Spoiled nail polish swatches

Spoiled nail polishes

Our Maestra is familiar with my love for trying out new brands so she included 3 Spoiled nail polishes into the goodies bag she brought me from USA. This was first time I even heard of these polishes, but USA ladies later told me that Spoiled brand is connected with/part of Wet&Wild company. I have very mixed feelings about these ...

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Avon Lemon Sugar + stamping

Avon Lemon Sugar nail polish bottle

Avon Lemon Sugar is very pale/pastel yellow nail polish. Application was not overly difficult so I guess it’s not totally typical pastel nail polish. But it did behave in one regard like all pastel nail polishes do … it was *beep* to photograph. Looking at it through my lens, I would pronounce it neon. I used 2 coats and finished ...

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Comparison: Essence Grumpy vs. p2 Gigantic

Essence Grumpy vs. p2 Gigantic comparison

Irena requested a p2 Gigantic (no. 191) and Essence Grumpy comparison. I made super quick comparison to show you the difference between the 2 nail polishes … even-though they’re similar color-wise. If you’re deciding between these two nail polishes, then Essence Grumpy would be my favorite as it has deeper blue color and better coverage. But as Gigantic is not ...

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Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel nail polish swatches

Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel nail polishes

If you watched my Bourjois nail polish collection/swatch video, that you already know that older 1 Seconde nail polishes seriously chipped on me. But cute new 1 Seconde shades and sale convinced me to give them another go. I bought 2 nail polishes and hijacked the third one from a friend. Either Bourjois improved their formula or new 1 Seconde ...

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Barry M – Magnetic nail paints (swatches, review)

Swatch: Bary M - Magnetic nail paint: Blue

I’m sure you’ve all heard about magnetic polishes already. You know, polishes with particles that move when you put them near a magnet. And depending on the magnet, we get different patterns on the nails (star, stripes, waves, …) These types of polishes aren’t new to the market. Lancome released one called Le Magnetique years ago and it was a ...

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