Top coats

Comparison: Misa – Toxic Seduction vs. Zoya – Veruschka

Misa - Toxic Seduction vs. Zoya - Veruschka

You’ve already seen both shades in my previous posts. Today I have a comparison for you. Both shades are gorgeous and both are dark green. The main difference between them is that Veruschka has matte finish while Toxic Seduction has glossy finish. But when you add glossy top coat to Veruschka you get a deep green sparkly goddess. Seriously, it’s ...

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Ladybugs and why I don’t like Konad special polishes

N.Y.C. - Big Apple Red Creme + Chez-Delaney H22

Finally I did a mani that I had in my mind for quite some time now. Ladybugs … N.Y.C. – Big Apple Red Creme – 2 coats Chez-Delaney H22 Konad Special polish – black Essence – High Shine Topcoat Oh well, the idea was great and so was the execution. At least until I put on a coat of top ...

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Na testu: Zoya – Minicure: Color-Lock System in Roxy

Takoj po nanosu.

Po dolgem oklevanju in prepričevanju same sebe, sem se včeraj zvečer odločila, da se podam mučnim dnevom naproti. Odločila sem se namreč, da preizkusim obstojnost lakov Zoya z njihovim Color-Lock System v Minicure izvedbi. V kompletu je pet izdelkov v mini izvedbi: Remove+ (odstranjevalec laka za nohte, ki vsebuje aceton) Anchor (podlak) Armor (nadlak z UV zaščito) Hurry Up (oljne ...

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Readers request: Essie – Showstopper + MAY

Essie - Showstopper

(Too) Long ago one of our faithful readers Matejcka requested swatches of Essie‘s Showstopper and some other colors (Matejcka, I didn’t forget. ) I just couldn’t make myself to wear this shade until today, when I said to myself: “Just do it and get it over with!” I mean, I love the color and everything, but I’m just not in ...

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Claire’s with Sinful Colors – Red Ocean

Sinful Colors - Red Ocean #140

I transformed my Claire’s manicure into a red glittery ocean. As you probably already figured out from the title, I added one coat of Red Ocean from Sinful Colors. See, how many different shapes of glitter are hidden in this bottle! This manicure is even better with a matte top coat. I added one coat of Essie‘s Matte About You. ...

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Ciate Paint Pots beauties

Ciate Paint Pots - Superficial

Ciate’s packaging is so beautiful with the ribbons and all, that you just have to love them. Quite some time ago I bought just one shade to try out the brand. The shade is called 3 am girl and was a disappointment for me, because it was so dark. Almost black creme blue. Everything else was great. The application, the ...

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Essie jesen 2009 – Chinchilly

Essie - Chinchilly

Naslednji odtenek iz jesenske kolekcije znamke Essie je moj favorit. Imenuje se Chinchilly in je krem svetlo sive barve. Barva je perfektna in ime je popolnoma primerno. Poglejte si tole luštno sivo činčilo… In še Essie varianta činčile z dodatki… Na kazalcu je dodan en sloj laka Silver Bullions znamke Essie. Na mezincu je en sloj mat nadlaka Matte About ...

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