Google Reader alternatives

Google Reader alternatives by Parkeets blog

Few days ago Google announced that Google Reader is retiring as of 1st of July 2013. As this is one of the more popular readers, it caused mass exodus from Google to other services. In beauty blogger community one important question popped out – how will this effect GFC (Google Friend Connect). As far as I know, there is no ...

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How to add Parokeets blog to your GFC reader

Follow Parokeets with GFC reader

We don’t have GFC widget on Parokeets blog, but you can still add us to your GFC/Blogger reader manually. It’s not exactly one click and voila, but it is pretty fast to do nevertheless. Here is how: log into Blogger dashboard; scroll down to the Reading List; click Add button; write down in Add From URL field: click Follow ...

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GFC is gone – now what

Parokeets blog RSS - Bloglovin

I have full page of post themes that I really should do, but I never take time to actually sit down and write them. So I went through it and decided to do the one that is maybe the most current – GFC “problem”. For the first year we didn’t even have GFC on Parokeets blog. Then our readers started ...

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How to Subscribe to Parokeets newsletter

Parokeets newsletter1

As you probably already know GFC is slowly retiring. They stopped to support GFC newsletter some time ago, so we had to switch to another newsletter service. We opted for one of WordPress plugins as it seems that is the surest way our newsletters will actually reach you. For those who are wondering what are newsletters like … Every once ...

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Voting with Google account – error

Change email on Parokeets blog

Some of you got this error while trying to log in with Google account: “Unable to sign-on. The email address is already registered with another account. User processing error.” This error is shown if you’re already registered directly into our WordPress account with your Google email … the one you would like to use to log in to blog ...

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New: CommentLuv added

How to use CommentLuv on Parokeets blog

We added new plugin on our blog – CommentLuv. What does it do? If you check the box of CommentLuv option and you have added URL of your site when you registered to our blog, link of your last post will be added to your comment. You can check if your URL is added if you follow these links: Site ...

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Blog upgrade – fun part

Sortiranje Blagovnih znamk

We already showed you our  “serious” updates. Now it’s time for the fun part. 1) The most obvious visual change is different color theme for the blog. This time Maestra chose fresh yellow-green spring look where you can really rest your eyes. 2) Our smilies suddenly multiplied. And since we don’t recognize the term “smiley abuse” they’ll continue to reproduce ...

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