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Combining of colours


Maestra addicted me to glittery overcoats. I remembered I had something similar in my collection – Gosh Harlequin. It’s looks something like Maestra’s Gosh Rainbow. You can judge for yourself if they’re alike or not. Picture was taken outside in sunlight. I used Essence 50’Fever Rockabilly asbase – one coat. The second experiment: this time I applied Essence Trend Edition ...

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Essence – 50’s Fever continues

Essence - 50's Fever - Love Me Tender

HERE I recently wrote about Essence Trend Edition called 50’s Fever. Finally I managed to get the remaining items I wanted from this collection. So today I have pictures of two polishes and a blush to show to you. First up is the creme milky shade called be-pop-a-lula. Like most such shades this one also applied a little streaky. With ...

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Essence – 50’s Fever

Essence - 50's Fever - Rockabilly

Finally it’s out. I already wrote about the new Essence collection 50’s Fever. Today I only have one nail polish for you and a quick review for the blush brush. Rockabilly is dark cream burgundy shade, which applied flawless. I needed only two coats to get the color of the bottle. It’s an “almost black” shade. In really good lightning ...

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Essence week: 50’s Fever Trend Edition

Essence - 50's Fever

In February Essence will be releasing a new Trend Edition set called 50’s Fever. Let’s take a quick look at what we can expect… The collection looks interesting and I can hardly wait to see them in person. At the end I would like to thank Ms. Dečman for the promotional material. This article concludes Essence week. I hope you ...

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