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Impressions of southern places


Fall by the sea: peaceful, quite, warm … soul soothing. At home – fog just wouldn’t end. I don’t even recall the last time we saw sun. We were half way to the sea and fog was still present. Nothing much was going on by the sea. We made little something of olive oil, chatted with locals, eat fish … ...

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From Dalmatia with love


While rain pured in Slovenia, we visited sunny Dalmatia. They have really nice fall temperatures – 21°C by day and over 16°C by night. And even after rainfall, the sun is quick to appear. Goodbye Slovenia… Small part of Dalmatia idyll I want to share with you. I’ll let the photographs to tell the tale. Wind started to blow from ...

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Holiday Impressions

Nfu_Oh 62, swatch

Quick hello from me with photos from Hvar, Dalmatia. It was hooooot … Port city of Sučuraj. Of course I had to try out nail polishes in summer colors. I was impressed with Nfu-Oh polishes. Must have return through Neretva wally. We’re already planing our next trip. I’ll let you know where we’re going in a day or two. Have ...

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