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Comparison: Essence Hide Bella Hide vs. p2 Glamour

p2 Fancy + p2 Glamour + Essence Hide BellaHide + m70 IP konadicure

I bought Hide Bella Hide from Essence Eclipse TE only because it looked like a good polish for konading. It wasn’t long I spotted an almost dupe in my collection – p2 Glamour, so I made a comparison. I used two layers of p2 Galmour on my ring finger and two coats of Essence Hide Bella Hide on my little ...

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Essence Undead? (Eclipse TE)

Essence Undead? (Eclipse TE) swatch by Parokeets

Hundred times seen Essence Undead? polish from Eclipse TE … one swatch more won’t hurt, right?  I like the base, shimmer also, but in my opinion this shade lacks depth. If I find time in a near future, I’ll play around with it and create something more to my liking. I used two layers + top coat. Application was OK, ...

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Giveaway: Essence Eclipse and Return To Paradise

Essence: Eclipse and Return To Paradise Giveaway at Parokeets

A lot of our readers has a huge lemming for some of the Essence Eclipse or Return To Paradise items. We decided to have mini giveaway and make at-least one of our followers wish come true. We chose three items from each TE: Eclipse: Undead and Hide Bella Hide polishes + Lunch At Cullen’s lip gloss; Return To Paradise polishes: ...

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Preview: Essence – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Essence Eclipse preview

Finally we can see the preview of the mysterious Eclipse trend edition which will be available in July and August. Click on the photos to see larger images. This TE will be launched little bit before The Twilight sago: Eclipse movie airs in EU. Collection will be made of: duo eyeshadows in three color combinations (2,49 EUR), glittery eyeliner (2,49 ...

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