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MAC lipstick swatches

MAC lipsticks: Strawbaby, Violetta, Saint Germain

Last three lipsticks from my haul are MAC ones: Fafi – Strawbaby, Violetta and Saint Germain. Strawbaby is one from Fafi LE. It’s interesting because it has blue and green shimmer. Saint Germain pink and very pigmented lipstick. It needs to be blended with brush (why?.. you can see it on pic below ). My favorite from this bunch is ...

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I got some new lip stuff :)

Lip gloss

I just took a quick of my new lip stuff (haul, swap and some of them I got from my two girls Gejba and Maestra ). Lipsticks: Golden Rose #94 Manhattan – perfect creamy & care #561 Essence #42 Fairytale MAC – Fafi LE – Strawbaby MAC – Violetta MAC – Saint Germain Lip glosses: DIOR Addict ultra gloss reflect ...

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