Projekt maskara: Uvodni post by Gejba

Project mascara - mascaras in testing by Gejba

Projekt podlaga je postala kar redna serija. Prvotni načrt je bil dokončati en projekt in se nato lotiti drugega, vendar imajo te zadeve ponavadi svoje potek dogodkov, ki jim lahko samo sledimo. Še ena skupina izdelkov kar kliče po malo bolj podrobnih ocenah – maskare. Tako da uradno odpiram Projekt maskara serijo. Občutljive oči Zaradi zelo občutljivih oči, je zame ...

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Catrice – novi izdelki za Pomlad 2013 (opis, ocena)

Catrice new products: Spring 2013

Catrice is bringing new products out for Spring and Summer 2013. This is my review about some of the new products. Eyebrow Filler – Perfecting & Shaping Gel Naturally tinted Eyebrow gel, suitable for eyebrow colors. The fibers fill in small gaps – for dense and perfectly shaped eyebrows within seconds. I’ve never had a product like this, so I ...

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Essence – Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara (opis, ocena)

Swatch: Essence - Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara

Essence Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara is the new mascara by Essence. Actually it is an “upgrade” to their bestselling mascara Multi Action. The new one promises to: Mascara for extremely black lashes – with carbon black. Gives extra volume, length and curl! Ophthalmologically approved. My thoughts on the Multi Action Blackest Black mascara: My “naked lashes” are very light ...

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Swatch-i: Naključni izdelki znamke Pupa


A couple of weeks ago I’ve been to a Pupa outlet store near Venice, Italy. I took the opportunity and bought some cool eyeshadows, colored mascaras and an eyeliner. I bought mascaras in fun summery shades – turquoise and purple. The purple one is a bit too dark to be considered as a fun bold purple mascara, but the turquoise ...

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Opis in ocena: Catrice Nymphelia LE (2. del)

Catrice - Nymphelia haul

Gejba already showed you swatches and wrote a review of some of the products from the Catrice Nymphelia limited edition. Today I’d like to show you swatches of my Nymphelia haul. Lashes To Kill black-green mascara. I love the idea of a black-green mascara, but unfortunately this one looks like a faded black on my lashes. What does the packaging ...

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Opis in ocena: Essence – I Love TE

New Trend Edition by Essence is called I Love. What’s cool about this trend edition is that it’s a preview of what’s coming. Namely from September 2011, these products will be part of the Essence standard range. Here’s what I bought. Colour & Go polishes in shades: 76 – Hard To Resist – dark blue with turquoise shimmer. 80 – ...

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